How to combine turquoise this summer lookiero

How to combine turquoise this summer

7 July, 2022

Turquoise is one of the colours of summer, and this shade is particularly fresh and well-loved by people of all ages. And it really has everything: it’s delicate but bright, and fresh yet classy. And, due to it being in between blue and green, it can match both warm and cool skin types with minor adjustments. If you are looking for possible combinations to add this hue to your wardrobe, keep reading.

What is turquoise?

Let’s start at the beginning: turquoise is neither blue nor green; or, at least, not exactly. To be more specific, turquoise is a shade of cyan, like teal or aquamarine. This is a bright, happy colour, specially indicated for summer. It reminds us of the sea but also of nature, because it contains both blue and green shades. It’s perfect if you want to give a fresh touch to your wardrobe and to add an unexpected item that will make your look special. In other words: it’s perfect both for casual looks and for more elegant ones, such as outfits for weddings or special occasions.

Before getting into colour combinations, let us take a look at the types of turquoise that you may use, and how they combine with the different colourimetries. That way, you can have a better idea of which shades of turquoise will suit you best.

Different shades of turquoise

Within turquoise we can find many variants that differ in colour temperature and intensity. Learn how to distinguish between them to find the tone that suits you best.

Pastel turquoise

There are a lot of shades of turquoise, but we can divide them into two categories: the pastel tones and the bright ones. The pastel tints are softer and lighter, and tend a bit more towards green than others. These tints are perfect for summer women when the shade is cool. In this case, the shade is very similar to the famous Tiffany green that many people love. But, under the right situations, it can also fit autumn women; you just need the tint to be a tad warmer (that is, greener).

summer women lookiero
autumn women lookiero

Bright turquoise

On the other hand, we have the brighter shades of turquoise that look bluer rather than greener, in opposition to pastel turquoise. This is the case of the bright turquoise shade, perfect for winter women: this tint is bold and ideal for a high contrast skin. Spring women have their own shade too, that it’s like the autumn one (greener rather than bluer), but lighter and brighter.

winter women lookiero
spring women lookiero

Colours that combine with turquoise

A colour as iconic as turquoise can be tricky to match, in fact it is very common to see it in total looks. However, we assure you that any of these colour combinations will go perfectly with this summery hue.

Turquoise and grey

It’s a very elegant combination of colours that we suggest if you have a special occasion or a formal event. Try to combine a simple turquoise shirt and classic grey trousers, which make for a classy and formal, but perfect look for this season. Complete your outfit with round-point flats and a bag that matches the colour of the blouse. Ideal for any formal occasion.

Turquoise and white

A classic combination of shades: white goes with everything, and if you are the kind of person that is not used to bright colours, that’s the perfect match for you. The white will soften the bright tint of turquoise and keep the look classy and chic. This is our suggestion to pull it off: turquoise trousers with a ton-sur-ton mini print, matched with a sleeveless white top. A touch of gold in the accessories will brighten up the look and make it feel more special. Chic and easy!

Turquoise and yellow

If you are looking for a bold look that will have you stand out everywhere, we suggest combining turquoise with yellow. Yes, it’s bold and yes, you can do it. Get out of your comfort zone and try this super summery combination. For warm days, go for turquoise shorts combined with a yellow top; choose one with a print to spice up the look. Since the outfit is already really daring, keep it simple with accessories.

Turquoise and fuchsia

Just like we said about yellow, fuchsia is also a bright and bold colour that could be scary for many women. However, it’s a fantastic combination for summer. Not to mention, fuchsia is so in right now, it would be a shame not to try and include it at every chance! You may opt for pink trousers, preferably in a very light fabric; perfect for summer. Match them with a turquoise top, and make sure to tuck it into the trousers to make your legs look longer. Complete the look with flat sandals and a printed mini bag that will add the cool touch you need.

These are only some ideas to wear turquoise this summer. We hope this post inspired you to try out all the possible combinations that match your style and tastes and, most importantly, that you have fun doing so. Explore all its possibilities with the help of your Personal Shopper!

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