How To Dress If You Have an Hourglass Body Shape

6 March, 2021

Women who have hourglass body shape have shoulders and hips of proportional width and a defined waist.

Who said you need to have the body of a supermodel to look and feel confident in your clothes? When you have all the information, dressing for your shape becomes easy! All you need are the right garments to flatter your unique figure. Anyone can look fabulous with a few simple tips and tricks!

If you identify with an hourglass shape, don’t miss these sartorial guidelines to help you look amazing! You will exude confidence wherever you go

What is an hourglass figure?

Women who have this type of body have shoulders and hips of proportional width and a defined waist. It’s a very desirable, proportionate and feminine type of body. Almost anything fitted around the waist and bosoms looks good because they accentuate a very ladylike silhouette.


  • Defined waist
  • Proportional shoulder and hips.

    Dos and Dont’s of the Hourglass Figure

    • Oversized garments
    • Add extra volume to shoulders and hips
    • Swan neck jumpers (or too closed necklines for that matter)
    • Heavy prints or flounces around the chest area
    • V-necks and round necklines
    • Fitted tops

    How do I dress for a hourglass figure?

    Now let’s dive into the specifics with some suggestions and guidelines about the best essential garments that will complement your hourglass figure.




    High-waisted trousers are your best friends as they define your waist. Stay away from low-rise trousers; they will only make your hips look bigger. Although you can get away with almost any type of trouser, we strongly suggest the straight or boot cut kind.


    Fitted (but not tight) dresses are perfect for your shape because they enhance your waist. For instance, wrap dresses with a V-neck, soft prints and solid colours. Opt for soft fabrics as they will look better than the rigid varieties. Again, steer clear of any “spandex kind” of fabric, which is too tight as it will sabotage the elegance of your shape. Also avoid boxy dresses that hide your waist.


    Go for high-waisted skirts which are fitted at the hips, like pencil or tube skirts. Also, try skirts that flow from the hip as well as A-line.

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    How to Find Your Body Shape: Your Most Flattering Style

    18 April, 2021
    How do I know my body shape?
    Lookiero Team;
    20 April, 2021
    Hi Hope. The information about your body shape is a part of the quiz you fill out when registering for Lookiero.

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