How To Dress If You Have an Oval Body Shape

9 January, 2021

If you identify with an oval shape, follow these simple guidelines to help you find clothing that will not only look great but make you exude confidence wherever you go.

Looking and feeling confident in your clothes does not require a perfect body. All you need is the right information to dress for your shape; it’s so easy once you know which garments will be the most flattering for your unique figure. Anyone can look fabulous with a few simple tips and tricks!

What is an oval body type?

Women with this type of body usually are larger in the chest and abdomen areas. The shoulders and hips are proportional, while the waist is not very defined and tends to be wider than the hips.

A variant of this body type would be the “diamond” body shape, which is fuller around the abdomen. The following tips work for both types, read on!

Characteristics of the oval body shape:

  • Undefined waist which is the fullest part of your frame
  • Volume in the chest and abdomen
  • Round silhouette
  • DONT’s
    • Oversized garments
    • Turtlenecks, roll necks or closed necklines
    • Large prints
    • Rigid and padded fabrics
    • Opt for round or V-shaped necklines
    • Create vertical lines with garments
    • Opt for solid colours
    • Fluid fabrics that flow

    What to wear if you have an oval body shape

    Now let’s dive into the specifics with some suggestions and guidelines about the best essential garments that will complement your oval figure.


    Volume is usually concentrated in the upper part of your body, so the objective is to elongate your figure. Lengthen your silhouette by playing with different garment lengths, wearing V- necks, creating vertical lines with your clothing and avoiding large, too colourful, prints; stick to solid colours.


    The key is to balance out the voluminous areas. Try straight, boot cut, wide or palazzo trousers. These are all super flattering as they balance out the tummy area and bottom half. They’re also great to create curves on your hips, skimming over your midsection area and creating the illusion of a curvier shape.


    Go for straight-cut dresses, empire waists and asymmetric lines, like one-shoulder dresses or diagonal hemlines, for instance. Go for long or knee-length, and avoid dresses which are too tight or too short.

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