How To Dress If You Have a Triangle Body Shape

12 February, 2021

If you identify with a triangle body shape, these simple guidelines created by our expert stylists will help you find garments that fit correctly and will build a basis for a whole new wardrobe that you’re sure to love.

In the last few posts, we’ve been talking about each kind of body shape, how to dress to flatter your figure and choosing items that you’ll love and wear for a long time. As you will see, looking and feeling confident in your clothes does not require a perfect body! Take it from our Personal Shoppers, with a few tips and tricks anyone can look amazing.

What is a triangle body type?

Women with this type of body have fuller hips in proportion to the upper body, it’s also known as “pear” shape. Don’t miss these fantastic tips on how you can make your Triangle/Pear body work for you.

What are the measurements of a pear body shape?

Have you taken your measurements following our recent post here? Perfect! Now you just need to do this calculation to find out if you have a pear body shape.


  • Wide hips
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Small waist
  • Dos and Don’ts for the triangle shape

    If you fit in with this body shape, here are some some clever tips that will help you to bring visual balance to your pear figure:

    • Garments that accentuate the lower body, like frills or ruffles. They add unnecessary bulk here.
    • Trousers and skirts with horizontal stripes, as well as low-rise pants.
    • Very tight-fitting tops: they’ll accentuate the imbalance between your upper and lower body.
    • Tops in bright colours, large prints and bold tones.
    • Balance your pear body shape outfits with neutral colours on the bottom.
    • Shoulder pads, ruffles and puffed sleeves are for you.
    • Choose accessories that stretch (high heels) and balance (choker and maxi earrings) your figure.

    What to wear if you have a triangle body shape

    Now let’s dive into the specifics with some suggestions and guidelines about the best essential garments that will complement your triangle figure.

    The most flattering tops and shirts for a triangle figure

    The objective is to balance out the silhouette by adding volume to your top half.

  • Boat necklines, round or heart → add volume to your shoulders.
  • Blouses or shirts with decorations on the shoulders, (like frills for example).
  • A blazer with shoulder pads.
  • Tops and jackets with prints.
  • Jackets and blazers should fall below the hip or above, never on them as it draws the eye to that area.
  • In general, garments with prints on the top half, embroidery, lace, in light or bold colours.

    Which trousers look best on a triangle body?

    Go for basic, plain garments, no frills, pockets, decorations or details.

  • Straight cut or fitted trousers are best
  • Jeans and trousers of medium or high-rise that define the waist
  • Low-rise jeans will make your hips look wider
  • It’s best to avoid skinny jeans leggings.

    Which dresses and skirts are best suited to a pear body?

    Go for strapless, off the shoulder, tied or cross front dresses. Also try those with bows or decorations on top and with a straight cut on the bottom half. The idea is to draw the eye upward to your torso with volume around the chest or shoulders; this is why dresses that define the waist and have an A-line shape or flow from the hip work well. Avoid wearing anything that is tight and sticks to your hips


    Straight cut, including pencil skirts as long as they are not tight.

  • A well-structured A-line skirt that emphasizes your waist
  • Steer clear of mermaid skirts, ruffles or frills around the waist and hips

    Inspiring celebrities with a triangle body shape

    When we think of narrow shoulders and wide hips, Shakira or even Jennifer Lopez come to mind. Yes, they all have a triangle (or pear) body shape, and both have in common that they certainly know how to use it to their advantage.

    Indeed, they don’t hesitate to accentuate, even more, the volume around their hips, as these are very popular silhouettes nowadays. Or, conversely, they often wear original accessories and tops with volume to compensate for their lower part. In both cases, the result is dazzling.

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