How the Lookiero Personal Shoppers Style This Season’s Handbags

15 November, 2018

A stylish handbag is key to adding those all important finishing touches to any outfit. As an essential accessory, your handbag not only has to look good, it also has to be practical too. With this in mind, we decided to challenge our personal shoppers to style this season’s top handbags, here’s what they came up with:



For Emily’s look, practicality was at the forefront. On this particular day, she had a long day ahead of her, with work at the Lookiero headquarters, followed by dinner with friends. She wanted to go for something that would work for both occasions, to save her having to get changed halfway through the day.

Emily opted for a feminine blouse to take her through the day from the office to the restaurant. She paired this with this season’s leather shoulder bag in burgundy. With enough space for everything she needs but small enough to take to dinner, the bag is practical as well as stylish. Emily says: ‘It’s super handy and really on trend.’





Ava self-confesses that she has ‘Mary Poppins syndrome’ and ends up carrying her whole house around with her in her bag. Because of this Ava loves an oversized handbag as it allows her to carry with her whatever she needs, wherever she goes. This season Ava has fallen in love with this on-trend ethnic designs, saying ‘It’s so beautiful! I really love it because it gives everything a touch of boho and colour.’

She styled the bag by going for a pretty simple look, allowing the ethnic design to do all the talking. Ava went for neutral colours, to allow the colours of her bag to pop.





Choosing a little black bag with a twist, Isabella notes how the style is versatile as it goes with pretty much everything. Timeless, comfortable and stylish, this bag is the perfect size and can work for a number of occasions.

Isabella teamed it with a more casual street look, wearing palazzo pants with a side stripe, paired with an orange sweater to add a touch of colour. Isabella says: ‘I love this bag as I can style it in so many different ways.’





Lily is active, adventurous and loves travelling. The first thing she looks for in a bag is practicality. The bag Lily had to style meets that criteria brilliantly, as it has a flap and a zipper for extra security in busy cities. The bag is also made out of flexible material, which means Lily can put it into bigger bags or backpacks when travelling.

She styled the bag by going for a classic look with boho touches. Lily paired a white shirt with dark denim trousers and a shiny cardigan in a brick colour. Lily says: ‘This is the perfect comfortable and chic look.’


This season’s bags provide the perfect way to update your look. If in doubt, ask your personal stylist which bag will work best for both your look and your lifestyle.

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How the Lookiero Personal Shoppers Style This Season’s Handbags


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