How to care for your jeans

28 April, 2022

It’s inevitable to see the passage of time – also on your jeans. But is it possible to slow down the wear and tear with the right care? Hot or cold water? By hand or by machine? Here’s our guide on how to care for your jeans so that they look as good as new.

We all know the drama of watching your favourite pair of jeans start to wear out. The good news is that with a few simple maintenance tips you can prolong the life of your favourite companion.

How often should jeans be washed?

The first thing to bear in mind is that denim and washing machines don’t get along very well. This is due to the manufacturing process of this fabric: the cotton threads are mixed with the corresponding dye to get that characteristic colour. That’s why, with each wash, we can see how the colour changes subtly.

Our recommendation: wash them as little as possible. Once or twice a month may be enough or, of course, if they have stains or smell bad. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to do it to give them the care they deserve.

How to care for your jeans

Tips for washing your jeans in the washing machine

The time has come: it’s time to wash your denim. Whenever you can, we recommend doing it by hand (we’ll tell you how later), but on a daily basis, if you wash them in the washing machine, here are a few tips that will give you the best results:

Prepare your jeans before machine washing

Make sure the pockets are emptied; close zippers and do the buttons and turn the jeans inside out. This minimises the abrasion that causes fading and the wear and tear that is often visible along the hems, pockets, zipper and waistband edges.

Load the washing machine sufficiently so that the jeans don’t keep bumping into the drum of the washing machine. Just don’t overload the machine or you won’t get an effective wash.

Finally, if you are washing jeans for the first time, it is best to wash them on their own to avoid possible fading.

Which programme to choose for washing your jeans

If you pay attention to the labels on denim garments you will see that some recommend washing at 40º, others at 30º, some directly in cold water. In this case, our recommendation is clear: the cooler the better. So if you are going to make a denim-only wash, opt for cold water. Otherwise, if you are going to mix it with other clothes, wash at a maximum temperature of 30º.

As for the amount of detergent, one spoon is enough. Contrary to what it may seem, too much detergent can damage your jeans instead of washing them better.

Choose a short cycle to avoid deformation of the garments. Use a gentle spin cycle or even, if possible, avoid it. Centrifuging at too many revolutions deforms and multiplies creases in your jeans.

How to wash your jeans by hand?

As we’ve already told you, the best way to keep your jeans looking perfect for longer is to hand wash them.

We know it can be a pain, but you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing. You just need to follow a few simple steps:

Just like machine washing, turn your jeans inside out. Then, soak them in lukewarm water (you can use a basin or a bathtub) and add a spoon of detergent. Leave them for about an hour and then simply give them a light hand wash and rinse.

Try not to twist them once they are ready or they will become deformed.

How to wash your jeans and keep them fade-free

You have already seen that during the washing process there are some steps that we cannot overlook if we want to avoid discolouration. To maintain the colour longer, we remind you of them again (along with an extra tip):

  • When washing, remove as many creases as possible (especially if it goes in the washing machine).
  • Avoid washing them together with other garments, especially if they are dark dyed or if it is the first time you wash them.
  • Don’t wash your jeans until they smell bad or have visible stains.
  • And here’s an extra trick: replace the fabric softener in your wash with a cup of cleaning vinegar or white vinegar: it fixes the colours and will have the same effect.

Ironing and drying your jeans

Good drying and ironing is just as important as washing. Follow these tips to complete your perfect jeans laundry:

Avoid the tumble dryer as much as possible! Nothing will suit your jeans better than air-drying. The dryer will cause shrinkage, so only use it if that’s your goal or if you don’t mind the jeans fitting a bit tighter. If you do use the dryer, turn your pair inside out and use tumble dry on a delicate cycle on low heat setting.

To hang them out to dry, place the hangers in the waist area and avoid direct light, as this tends to damage the colours.

When ironing, as we mentioned with the washing machine, iron them inside out and at a low temperature.

Do you want to avoid spending hours ironing? Shake your jeans out well before hanging them up and you will remove most of the wrinkles.

How to store your jeans so they last longer

Don’t ruin everything you’ve achieved so far by storing your favourite jeans poorly in your wardrobe.

If you decide to hang them up, hang them on S-shaped hangers. Avoid using hangers with clips, which leave marks on your trousers.

And if you’re a practical person, store them folded straight away in a drawer or on a shelf in your wardrobe.

Did you like our care guide? Apply our tips and… long life to your jeans!

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24 May, 2022
Thank you for this valuable information, I was always confused about how to wash my Jeans properly but now I am clear on this topic, thank you again.

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