how to care for denim

How to care for denim

23 January, 2020

How often should you wash your jeans?

It’s not advisable to wash jeans often as colour tends to fade. It’s best to wash them once or twice a month.
how to care jeans

How ot wash your jeans

Prepare the garment

  • Empty pockets.
  • Close zippers and buttons.
  • Turn the jeans inside out.
  • This minimizes the abrasion that causes fading and the wear and tear that is often visible along the hems, pockets, zipper and waistband edges.

Tip! If it’s a new pair of jeans, don’t put it in the washing machine with other garments as unstable dye may wash out and stain other clothes.


The best way to preserve the quality of your jeans and extend its life, is to wash them by hand with cold water and by adding a teaspoon of detergent designed to preserve colours.

For machine wash it’s best to use cold water on a short, delicate cycle at a maximum of 30º C.

Tip! Hand washing jeans helps preserve colour and reduces wear.

Drying and Ironing:

Warning! the dryer will cause shrinkage, so only use it if that’s your goal or if you don’t mind the jeans fitting a bit tighter. If you do use the dryer, turn your pair inside out and use tumble dry on a delicate cycle on low heat setting.

To air dry your jeans, hang them and fold the waistband seam over the washing line and peg in the seam. Make sure they’re under the shade, as direct sunlight will cause the colour to fade.

To iron them, turn the jeans inside out and start with pockets and back. Use a medium to low setting, if it’s a synthetic mix or if it has elastane fibres, check the care label for instructions! 100% cotton denim should be fine with higher heat settings

Tip! To prevent wrinkles, hang dry straight out of the washing machine, when still damp.


It’s better not to use regular clothes hangers when hanging your jeans in the wardrobe.

Use S-shaped hangers and hang them from the middle-back pant hook. You can also use clamp hangers and hang them by the cuff of the waist.

Folding jeans is another option for storage, although less advisable as they will have folding creases next time you wear them.


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