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How To Dress If You're In Yours 40s?

5 March, 2020

It’s very dated to believe that just because you reached your fourth decade on this earth you can’t dress in a fun way anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. To look great and feel confident in your clothing the same rules apply at any age: play to your strengths and take your body shape into account to make the best of every outfit.

The idea here is to reflect that you’re a grown-up, independent woman —maybe a mom— who has it together. And that can come in a myriad of ways depending on your tastes and personal preferences. Here are two foolproof looks that illustrate just how easy it can be to rock your 40s.

Smart casual outfit for 40 year old woman

Try this smart casual look for both work and play. Two essentials that should be in our wardrobes, regardless of our age:

  • A classic trench
  • Plaid shirt

casual outfit for 40 years old woman
Pair these up with with mint green waxed trousers to give your outfit that sexy and edgy touch. To add another fun and sophisticated twist, go for a croco-effect bag to break the monotony of plain accessories.

Evening look for 40 year old woman

Sexiness and elegance can go together.The trick is to learn how to enhance your silhouette in a classy way. Opt for high-quality garments and fabrics that adapt to your curves and play to your strengths.

With this in mind, find what you like the most about yourself and flaunt it! If you’re particularly proud of your bosom don’t be afraid to opt for a low-cut top that could subtly highlight it (again, subtly!). If you want to show some leg, go for skirts that flatter you. Cinch your waist to enhance your hourglass figure if that’s your forte.
evening look for 40 years woman
For example, a semi-transparent flowy blouse will discreetly enhance your cleavage. Pair it up with a leather-effect tube skirt that flatters your hips to streamline your silhouette and show a bit of leg. Add thin strappy sandals to amplify the lengthening effect even more.


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