How To Dress If You're In Your 40s?

21 October, 2022

Today, women in their 40s are not like they used to be. They are aware of their beauty, and they know what they want. Unlike the younger generation, these women have a lot of experience behind them, they know exactly what to avoid and what to wear to enhance their bodies; they know what they like and what they don’t.

They find themselves in this middle range where they can still be adventurous with their style but, at the same time, they are not young girls any more. This is fundamental to understand how to dress accordingly without risking looking too old or too juvenile.

Style tips to dress in your 40s

Of course, we need to take into consideration that each woman in her 40s is different, and getting older doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in a boring and flat way. Here are some general tips to always look coo, no matter your style:

  • Total black is always elegant and helps you slim the silhouette. But be careful, because black doesn’t suit everybody; if this colour is not ideal for your palette, wear it in the bottom, matching with a contrast colour on the top.
  • Denim: this fabric is your best ally, and you should take advantage of it. Choose the right cuts for your silhouette and wear them over and over, at the office, in your free time, and for your nights out.
  • Capsule wardrobe: now more than ever, it is important to have only a few items but perfect for you and your body type. This will help you to be always fashionable, knowing exactly how to combine your items and what to wear on different occasions.
  • Miniskirts should be avoided, even if Mother Nature gave you the best legs ever. This doesn’t mean that when you are 40 you have to wear long skirts only: try instead a longuette or skirts a little over the knee, you’ll look fabulous! If you’re feeling confident, wear a miniskirt and play with tights; the see-through effect is fantastic.
  • Don’t mix too many colours: this is a general rule that applies even if you’re not in your 40s. To appear super fashionable and elegant, you should mix a maximum of 3 different colours. If you add more, you risk looking a bit tacky.
  • Total leather look: you will want to leave the full leather looks behind, but you don’t give up on leather clothes altogether! You can opt for leather pants combined with a blazer, or for a leather jacket with your favourite denim. Just choose the fits and cuts that are perfect for your silhouette.

5 must-have items for your wardrobe in your 40s

Again, every woman is different, and everyone has her own style and taste, but these 5 pieces are so versatile that can be adapted to every style, so it’s worth having them at hand in any case.

  • White shirt: you can wear it with a pair of jeans, buttoned or left open, with a t-shirt underneath. You can opt for a classic look, combining it with tailored pants, you can even match it with a skirt. The options are endless, and that’s why you must have a white shirt in your wardrobe, regardless of your style. You just need to choose the perfect fit for you; some prefer an oversized model to balance the figure, some want a fitted shirt to show their curves. It’s up to you!
  • Blazer: although it might seem a classic item, the blazer is actually super versatile. It is great when combined with denim and a t-shirt, and can be adapted to the daytime but also to your night looks. Opt for neutral colours so that you can easily wear it with everything in your wardrobe.
  • Denim: as we said before, this item is your best ally. You just need to find the perfect fit for your body! Keep in mind that flare and bootcut are the ideal for a triangle silhouette, because they help you balance the figure. Skinny jeans are fantastic if you want to drive attention to the legs, but make sure you balance the outfit with something a little oversized on the upper part. Straight and wide leg suit hourglass silhouettes fabulously, and they are also super trendy right now!
  • Striped jumper: if you want to look chic without giving up on comfort, this jumper is what you are looking for. The favourite item of French women can be worn both with denim and classic trousers, with trainers, ankle boots or even pumps. With a shirt underneath (so that you can see only the collar), or as your main upper item, under your favourite trench. In short, you can wear it with almost any outfit!
  • Midi skirt: is perfect for the women who don’t want to give up their femininity but don’t feel comfortable showing legs. This type of skirt fits every body type and can be worn casually, with a t-shirt and trainers, or combined with classic elements, like a shirt and a blazer. It’s perfect for your night outfits too; just pair it with a lingerie top and a biker jacket for a trendy touch, complete the look with ankle boots or pumps.

Ideal casual looks for women in their 40s

casual look for women in their 40s

You can never go wrong with the trench and denim combo. It’s chic, it’s trendy, and it’s so convenient. We suggest wearing a jumper and to complete the look with shoes according to your style. You can go for loafers, a must for this season, but classic trainers will look amazing as well. And what about ankle boots? We love them!

Which evening look is ideal for women in their 40s?

evening look is ideal for women in their 40s

As we said, total black is perfect for women in their 40s, as it helps to slimmer the figure, and the result it’s always so elegant. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! Play with fabrics, combining a leather skirt and a basic turtleneck; this look will verticalize the silhouette, helping you to look taller and trendy at the same time. Instead of completing the outfit with black accessories, try animalier. Don’t worry, you’ll never be too old for this!

Perfect office looks for women in their 40’s

office look for women in their 40's

For your most professional looks, you should take inspiration from the classy queen herself: Victoria Beckham. She manages to always be on point with her outfits, consistently chic and minimal, but at the same time never boring or out of style. This look is a great example of what we call “balancing the look”: if you wear wide leg pants, you should wear something tighter on the upper part, and vice versa. This trick is fundamental if you want to always look fabulous.

Need more advice tailored to your needs and style? There’s nothing better than having your Personal Shopper on hand to create the wardrobe that really suits your lifestyle. Let her know everything that goes on in your day-to-day life and your tastes when placing your order and discover your best version by her side.

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Patsy Rowley;
10 January, 2021
Really nice
steph sinclair;
19 March, 2021
completely love this whole style although I am not 40 yet
Marie Alben;
26 April, 2021
I looked looking through the styles for women in their 40’s like me.... blazer and jeans look lovely together something I would have never chosen, would be definitely trying this out👍
26 October, 2022
Hi love all these looks. I'm 41 and sometimes ask Am I too old for this? More 40 styles please. X

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