How to dress if you’re in your 60s?

How to dress if you’re in your 60s?

17 February, 2022

If you are sixty years old, or about to turn sixty, congratulations! Your age is as good as any, if not better, to dress in style and feel wonderful about yourself. If you like fashion and want to dress to impress, this is your place.

Fashion tips for women in their sixties

In fashion, as in life, it is always a good time to try new things. The 60s are a time of many changes, but also a perfect moment to discover new clothes, styles and looks that bring out your essence. Show your passion for life and enjoy playing with different styles.

Our Personal Shoppers have some great tips for you to make the most of your 60s:

  1. Never say no to fashion. Your age is ideal to dress in style and elegance.
  2. Less is more. If you want to follow the latest trends, combine your newest items with your wardrobe basics.
  3. Colours are a must, as they will brighten your features. However, it is also important to pick and choose the hues that will flatter you the most, and balance them with the rest of the outfit.
  4. It’s always a good idea to boost the elegance in your looks, but always make it your own
  5. Mix and match items of different styles. Dress sports clothes if you like them. You can always balance them with more sophisticated items to achieve an awe-inspiring outfit.

Trending looks for 60-year-old women

Trending looks for 60-year-old women

The great news about this age is that you know yourself perfectly well: you already have an idea of what looks good on you and which fashions or garments will not find their way back into your wardrobe ever again. Embrace those trends that enhance your features: flowy fabrics, bright colours and original accessories will do wonders for your outfits.

On-trend metallic look to shine in your 60s

your sixties with your favourite basics

If you feel daring, the metallic trend is right up your alley. Get a metallic midi skirt, a black ribbed top, a camel oversized blazer and white ankle boots. This is a feminine, chic and innovative look that will make you feel amazing.

An elegant look for your golden years

An elegant look for your golden years

Combining basics can hardly ever go wrong. If you mix and match different textures and fabrics, you will create an ideal look. For example, take a pair of camel culotte jeans, a white blouse, a trench coat and kitten heels. Finish off your look with a crocodile leather purse for extra texture.

Rock your sixties

rock style in your 60s

Rock never dies, and neither should your rocker looks. Get yourself a pair of leather trousers of any length you prefer, a denim shirt and an oversized hoodie. Go the extra mile with a pair of military style boots to round off your look. Rock on!

If you’re in these wonderful years and you liked our outfits for women in your sixties, tell your Personal Shopper when you order your next Lookiero – and keep exploring your style!

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