How to Find Your Body Shape: Your Most Flattering Style

7 November, 2018

One of the first things that we should take into account when getting dressed (aside from liking what you are wearing) is what is flattering for our body shape. Even though each and every one of us are unique,  there are some general guidelines that all of us can follow.

We all fit into a certain body shape, the key is to determine your shape to ensure what you wear is super flattering. Once you have determined your body shape, you can learn a few simple tips and tricks so that you can style yourself for your own unique shape.

There are multiple theories on how many body shapes there are, but today we are working on the 5 main and most common figures and the guidelines that each one should follow. Read on to discover your body shape, and how to dress to flatter your figure.





If your body is rectangle shaped this means that your shoulders and waist are of the same width. Also, there is almost no difference between your waist and hips. For this type of body shape, choose clothing that creates curves to enhance the female form.


  • High waisted pants and skirts
  • Pants with detailing on the waist
  • A-line dresses
  • Frills
  • Outwear with belted detailing



  • Botton items that sit at the hips
  • Very loose clothing




An oval figure means that you have plenty of curves, hurrah! This shape usually has more rounded shoulders and a bit more volume in the hips and waist area. Our objective with this shape is to create structure. The key is to accentuate other body parts in order to create a more elongated figure. Choosing structured clothing items, stitching on the shoulders or quarter length sleeves can create a more proportionate silhouette.


  • V-shaped neckline
  • Blouses and shirts
  • Wide legged trousers



  • Crazy patterns
  • Tight clothing at the waist




Hourglass shape

The main characteristic for this body type are the curves that make them appear as, you guessed it, an hourglass. Hourglass figures have the same width for their shoulders and hips but also have a more defined waistline. These are generally more proportionate bodies. For a flattering style, avoid making your hourglass figure look big and maintain its proportions.


  • Clothing that cuts at the waist
  • Blazers
  • Tube skirts
  • Blouses and shirts with stitching on the shoulders



  • Very baggy clothes





 A triangular shape means that the top part of your body is more narrow than the bottom part. The key for this body shape is to accentuate the top part in order to achieve a more proportionate looking silhouette.


  • Patters and ruffles on tops
  • Neutral colours for the bottom items
  • Streight pants
  • Blouses with an open neckline
  • Scarfs to add volume



  • Skirts and pants in vivid colours and wild patterns
  • Bottom parts that are too tight



Inverted triangle:

This silhouette has structured shoulders and a more narrow waist. They are wider on top. Just like with the triangle shape our objective is to accentuate the bottom part in order to create symmetry.


  • Pleated trousers
  • Upper body items with neutral colours and patterns
  • Boyfriend pants and slightly wide legged pants



  • Tops with spaghetti straps
  • Shoulder pads


Now that you know your body shape and how to dress to flatter your figure, why not invest in a few new key pieces. You can discuss your body shape with your Lookiero stylist, who can help you further in finding amazing styles and outfits that suit your shape like jeans.


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