Comment donner une nouvelle vie à vos looks basiques ?Comment donner une nouvelle vie à vos looks basiques ?

Basic to wow: How to give your basic looks an 180º turn

9 March, 2020

Bored of your most basic looks? We’re back once again to suggest new and cool look ideas which are easy to execute with small changes. This way you can make a plain outfit look super trendy. Read on to learn how easy it is to completely give a twist to an outfit!

Smart casual with jeans

A look consisting of a t-shirt and jeans usually goes unnoticed. very stylish.

basic outfit with jeans

Change it up by adding a denim shirt, a camel colour blazer and a red clutch. You will have a comfortable, up-to-date look which is very stylish.

3 garments to create a winning casual look

  • Denim shirt: A wardrobe staple that you can’t go without as it gives us countless options for mixing and matching.
  • Camel colour blazer: the blazer is always a must-have item in any wardrobe because it’s versatile for both for informal and formal looks. With spring coming our way, opt for a camel shade instead of the typical black or beige.
look jeans y blazer camel
look total denim camisa vaquera

Style tip: “Roll up your sleeves, letting the cuffs of the shirt show, it will optically streamlines your figure”

  • Clutch:
  • Opt for a medium-sized accessory in a colour that blends well with the blazer. We suggest this is one in a vibrant red hue; it’s not only trending this season but packs a colourful punch that flatters the entire ensemble.


    smart casual look with jeans


    The Failsafe total black

    A total black look is foolproof. This is because it’s elegant, streamlines the silhouette and it’s versatile enough for all kinds of occasions.

    total black outfit


    3 garments to make a total black outfit special

    • Midi dress: You surely have a midi dress gathering dust in the closet because you’re tired of always wearing it in the same way.
    • Suede biker: suede and leather biker jackets are in for spring. Wearing them with a midi dress to create a layered look that plays with different lengths will make your dress standout in all the right ways.
    • Shopper bag: functional and ideal for the day to day. Opt for a solid and neutral colour, like black, for maximum versatility.
    look total black

    Go for the total knitwear look

    A gray knit cardigan with a midi knit skirt may not be that interesting, but if we add an oversize cardigan, a wide black belt and a silver clutch, things change completely!

    basic night outfit with midi skirt


    3 garments to complete a total knit looks

    • Oversize cardigan: Wear a fitted cardigan with a scoop neckline to show off your shoulders (showing a bit of shoulder is a great trick to streamline your shape) and add another oversize cardigan on top.
    • Wide belt: Accessories are key to change up a look. Wearing a wide belt in the same shade of the skirt will enhance your waist creating an hourglass figure. It’s very easy to do and works with a myriad of outfits, not just this one!
    • Silver clutch:According to the Milan runways, silver is back. Don’t be afraid to adopt this colour because it will bring shine and fun to any ensemble. Going for a silver bag is the easiest way to add a bit of glitz and glam your look.
    look noche cardigan burdeos y falda midi
    look noche cardigan burdeos
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