Master the Art of Wearing White.

3 May, 2022

If there is a neutral colour par excellence, it is white. And, especially in spring and summer, it’s a real lifesaver. Always have it on hand to create on-trend casual, sporty or super chic looks.

Want to know the tricks to combine white in your seasonal looks? Both the classic ones with blue or green and the more daring ones with metallics. Today our Personal Shoppers share with you all the possibilities that this colour offers you!

White shades: learn how to distinguish between them

White is the most luminous colour and for that reason, it has always been a colour associated with purity and new beginnings. And what better than a new season to include it in our wardrobe?

In history, it has always been associated with the colour of revolution. In fact, it has been a favourite shade among movements such as feminism and human rights defenders.

Remember the suit Kamala Harris wore on the day she accepted her position as Vice President? That was a statement of intent: it was about portraying the historic fact that she was the first woman to hold that office.

At this point you probably don’t need any more reasons to make room for white in your looks, but do you know how to differentiate between the different shades of white? Do you know which one suits you best according to your colour scheme? Pearl or ice white, for example, are somewhat cooler and brighter tones that will help you stand out in your evening looks. For everyday wear, however, it’s best to opt for warmer tones, such as off-white.

Discover the colours that best go with white

Now you know how to differentiate the different shades of white, let’s learn how to combine them like a pro.

White and brown: warmth for your looks

White may seem like an easy colour to combine as it is so versatile, but there is a slight difference between combining it in a basic way or doing it with style. We love mixing it with browns and earth tones, especially when it comes to mixing white in its warmer shades, such as ecru or off-white.

combine White and brown

Want to top it off with an unexpected touch? Complete your look with snakeskin print accessories for a fresh touch full of personality.

White and blue: make it easy

Certainly the most common combinations, and that’s because it’s one of the easiest: a white T-shirt with your favourite jeans will always be a simple and versatile solution that can be used season after season. To create a more classic version of this pairing you can also swap the jeans for blue trousers and the T-shirt for a shirt. And for footwear? Trainers for a casual look and a white white shoe for a more chic and feminine touch.

White and blue outfit

You can also create a more classic version of this outfit by simply swapping the jeans for blue trousers and the T-shirt for your favourite shirt. Add some white trainers or flats for a more feminine touch.

White and green: brighten up your spring outfits

So far we have seen two combinations with soft colours, with discreet results. But the great thing about white is that it also goes perfectly with bold colours. For example, in spring, dare to wear white on your trousers and give prominence to the upper part with a green garment.

White and green look

Take a look at this super look! We love the casual result of combining a bright print blouse with white trousers. Plus, the sandals are added as a finishing touch to enhance the chic side of the blouse.

White and orange, the most summery trend

Bright colours always come alive for summer and orange is the one you can’t miss this 2022. If you don’t want to complicate your outfit, go for white as a partner to create a balanced look.

White and orange look

Do you want to try it in a sporty look for your day to day? We suggest you wear comfortable trousers in a warm shade of white with an orange sweatshirt or jumper and trainers in white or a neutral tone such as grey.

Go all out in white

Total looks are more on trend than ever, and for the most daring, white will be one of their favourite go-to combinations this season. The trick to making it work is always to create contrast with the accessories, for example by choosing a bag or jewellery in another colour.

total white outfit

For this look, for example, we have chosen a pair of white wide leg trousers and a ¾ sleeve t-shirt. An ideal mix for those days that are a little cooler.

Learn how to pair white according to your colour scheme

There is a white for every woman, and we are going to prove it to you.

If you are a Summer woman, with a contrast between your skin and your hair and light eyes, the ideal white for you will be the cool white, with soft tones. Wear it with light make-up and silver jewellery for a polished look.

white for summer woman

Are you a Winter woman? Don’t hesitate, absolute white is your colour. We recommend you to combine it with bright and strong colours, such as fuchsia, green, orange and (of course) with black too.

white for winter woman

For Autumn women, it is best to choose a warm, almost beige tone, reminiscent of coconut milk. Combine it with gold jewellery and warm, earthy colours. Success guaranteed!

white for autumn women

Finally for the Spring woman the warm and bright white is yours. Wear it, for example, with coral, another of the colours that suit you best, in accessories or in your make-up.

white for spring woman

We hope these tips have helped you! And if you have any doubts about how to combine white in your looks, don’t hesitate to tell your Personal Shopper at your next Lookiero.

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Debbie Sansom;
10 January, 2021
I love white creams beige greys mustard blues greens ..autumn colours..I dont like red!!
C Savage;
11 January, 2021
This creamy white jumper with a inset lace V is simply stunning. I would love to receive something similar in my next box!

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