How to Pair a Camisole Top for a Stylish Summer Look

30 May, 2019

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes one of the must-have items for the season: a camisole top. A comfortable and flattering piece that thanks to its versatility will become one of your best allies when creating your styles this season.

In this guide we will show you how to create outfits with cami tops, looks with a cami top and how to pair your cami top, so that you can create a range of versatile looks using cami tops in the summer.


Cami top for a classic look

Temperatures are rising and long sleeve shirts are feeling like a bit much for the office. There is nothing better than a lace camisole and jeans in a discreet and elegant colour, a baby blue lace camisole for example, for a fresh and chic feel. Add your favourite jeans and a white linen blazer for an extra in luminosity and freshnes. You can’t go far wrong with a lace camisole and jeans.

lace camisole and jeans


Floral camisole for casual outfits

An afternoon with friends at a cafe terrace is one of the most sought out plans for the coming weeks. A casual and relaxed look is always a hit. A floral lace top is a stylish and versatile must have piece for this season. You’ll achieve the perfect summer look if you pair it with some cropped white denim pants and a cross body bag .



floral lace top with white jeans


Printed lace cami for a boho look

Boho is definitely a style that comes around when the sun starts to shine and temperatures start to rise. Let out your hippie and unique side with a geometrical print lace cami. Finish your outfit with a pair of paper bag trousers in a mustard colour and a bag in earthy tones to create a trendy look with just three items.

geometrical print lace cami with trousers


Lace yellow cami for a street look

If you are daring and adventurous with your day to day style you can't miss out on the opportunity to wear a neon top and pair it with those striped palazzo trousers that you have in your wardrobe. Complete your look with a beige biker jacket and some wedges.

Neon lace top with striped palazzo trousers


How to pair a black lace top for night time

Without a doubt, a lace cami is the staple clothing item for night time. Its delicate look and femininity give that touch of sophistication that we look for in our evening outfits. Play it safe with a timeless shade such as black and pair it with a midi pleated skirt. A mini handbag and some sandals will make for the perfect outfit. For more looks with a black lace cami, try tucking it in to a pair of high waist jeans paired with play sandals for a great day time look, or go for a lace cami with a skirt for really warm weather.

Black lace top with midi skirt

As you can see, the cami top is a super versatile and stylish item that’s a must have for your wardrobe. For more ideas and advice on how to style your cami tops, get in touch with the Lookiero stylists.

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31 May, 2019
I don't get alot of money to spend on myself so don't want to pay to much, I have a budget you see. N can't go mad I have bills to pay n home to run and my 2 children to look after, I forgot to put, I sometimes wear jeans but the ones I try don't look good on me, woukd prefer skinny jeans though
2 June, 2019
Love a good cami! Great ideas here but the bit I sometime find annoying is what bra to wear as extra straps ruin the look. It’s not too bad white white or black as they are easy to colour match but can’t have a different colour bra for every top. What would you suggest?

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