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How to pair a faux leather skirt this Autumn

One of this season must have pieces, the black faux leather skirt will allow you to create different looks and its versatility will adapt to different styles and situations. Get inspired by the following outfits and discover how to pair a faux leather skirt this autumn…

  1. Classic and sophisticated
  2. black faux leather skirt with black blazer and animal print
    The black skirt will give a modern touch to your office looks: pair it with an animal print shirt and a classic black blazer, all ready to go to work. A pair of stilettos and a maroon bag will create some contrast and you’ll be ready for all the meetings ahead in this faux leather skirt outfit.

  3. Smart casual
  4. faux leather skirt with houndstooth blazer

    If you want to rock a more casual look a black faux leather skirt is a good option. Wear it with a white slogan t-shirt and a checkered blazer. This will give you a fresh and modern touch perfect for the day to day activities, finish with some sneakers and a maroon coloured scarf and you’ve got yourself a casual faux leather skirt outfit.

  5. Cosy Street
  6. faux leather skirt with cozy jumper

    This time of the year we all feel like a wearing a cozy jumper. Wear it without losing an ounce of style with a longer faux leather skirt and play with the contrast and textures. You’ll get a perfect feminine and seasonal look.

  7. Boho Cocooning G
  8. faux leather skirt  cocooning

    If you pair the right items with your faux leather skirt you can give it a romantic touch. Pair it with knitted items in beige and mint colours, it’ll look perfect if you stick to a soft palette. Don’t forget a printed scarf to give it a little volume and add interest.

  9. Urban Cool
  10. black faux leather skirt and navy tshirt

    Want a look that urban and feminine at the same time? The black faux leather skirt is the perfect option! It will add street flare with its texture and femininity with the cut. Pair it with a navy striped shirt your favourite booties and a coloured bag to add a touch of colour.

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