How to Style Floral Prints for Spring

8 May, 2019

Spring is here and flowers are taking up most of the window shops and magazines, with refreshing colours and beautiful displays.  Having a floral print  item in your wardrobe is a must if you want to survive this season in style. However, finding the perfect floral piece is not as easy at it seems. How can you incorporate floral print without looking too classic or boho? Keep on reading to find out how to style floral prints for spring, and to find the perfect print for each style. …



Temperatures are rising and must of us want to give a fun spin to or typically dark and plain work looks. A floral print blazer in a deep colour will add a touch of brightness and cheer without losing formality. If you pair it with some jeans and add contrast with a classic white shirt you will have the perfect look for the more gruelling work days - the ideal way to brighten up your day.




Who said floral prints are exclusively for day time? A midi skirt with a light golden shine to it will become your best ally for those sophisticated nights. Choose a camisole top in earthy tones - very on trend this season, and add some metallic accessories to finish the look perfectly.




Without a doubt when we imagine the perfect boho look flowers are involved.  In this case, we are making achieving the perfect boho look easy for you. We recommend wearing a bright coloured floral print dress to nail the boho style. Try out something new by playing with layers - add a red jumper to it and transform your dress into a skirt. Finally, add fringe bag to complete the look.




If your style is relaxed and comfortable we also have the perfect floral print for you. A printed shirt with a casual skirt that adds freshness to your look will make for the perfect weekend outfit. A denim jacket and your favourite white sneakers will add the effortlessly chic touch that you need.




An edgy and rock & roll look with floral prints? It’s possible. Flower prints don’t know limits, you can incorporate them through the trendiest pieces to a more staple piece like trousers. Also, if you pair it with a lacy top and a faux leather studded bag you’ll be more than prepared to strut down the streets of any city.



Florals can be styled in so many ways, and don’t have to be overly feminine if this isn’t your style. Dress them up or down, and toughen them up with leather, or add a whimsical feel with tassel accessories - the sky is the limit when it comes to styling florals. For more style ideas and advice like how to style striped outfits, the Lookiero stylists are always on hand to help.

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23 May, 2019
What if you like more than 2 styles
22 June, 2019
I do like fashionable up too date clothing my favourite colour is red .i tend too wear jeans with a nice top but want too try and dress more fun and not just jeans all the time I love dresses but always feel uncomfortable because of my tummy. There isn’t much that I don’t like when it comes too clothes. I’m not sure if you do shoes but I can not wear high heels . I have a disability which stops me walking very far. I do not work and I have 2 older children and 1 7 year old. I like going out for meals or just a drink at the pub. I hope this bit of ect information helps you decide

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