How to Style the Stripe - Beyond the Breton T-shirt

19 June, 2019

We’ve seen them in all shapes and sizes -  slim, thick, horizontal, vertical, white, black or full of colour. We’ve also seen them in all types of clothing items - shirts, trousers, skirts… without a doubt, one of the most popular ongoing trends of the season is the stripe. Its popularity is more than justified. Stripes elongate our figure, create curves and add luminosity to our complexion. At Lookiero we want to show you different ways to combine this print just in time for Summer, beyond the basic Breton T...

How to pair a sailor striped shirt for a casual outfit

Stripes are ideal for off-duty style. From the classic look with a striped top, to t-shirt dresses and stripe accessories, it’s easy to incorporate the stripe into your casual wardrobe for an on-trend look. Whether you combine a sailor striped shirt with high waist skinny jeans, or go for a more feminine stripe, there are lots of options...

Outfits with a striped shirt

For a casual, fresh and young look. Pair a striped shirt knotted at the waist with a coral coloured skirt (an on-trend colour this season), and finish the look with a faux leather camel coloured bag. Add some beige suede booties and you’ll have the perfect look for this Spring-Summer.


Striped shirt outfit


How to pair striped shorts to achieve a boho style

Believe it or not, striped shorts are extremely versatile and will quickly become one of your favourite summer garments. If you want to understand how to pair striped shorts, we have some great styling ideas that will work for a variety of body types. Here’s a great idea for an outfit with striped shorts...

Striped total outfit

If what you are looking for is to elongate your figure, try pairing a striped top with some striped bottoms, very important for the top and bottom stripes to be identical) and add a straw bag. You’ll have a look full of style that’s super flattering too.


Stripes total look


How to pair a striped blazer to achieve a street outfit

A striped blazer will become your go-to for a cover up for this season. If you’re looking for ideas to pair a striped blazer, look no further. We love an outfit with a striped blazer, and know just how stylish and versatile this look can be. Here’s how to pair a striped jacket...

Outfits with a striped blazer

If you are fed up with seeing this type of print on tops and shirts, try out a blazer with yellow and white stripes for an instant on-trend look. Pair it with a slogan t-shirt and a white skirt and finish off the look with some white converse. You’ll have all the latest trends in a single outfit.

Blazer with yellow and white stripes outfit


How to pair a blue and white striped shirt for a classic outfit

Stripes generally create a classic look. For timeless yet on-trend style, we have put together looks with a blue striped shirt so that you can be confident when it comes to combining a white and blue striped shirt.

Outfit with a blue striped shirt

A blue and white striped shirt is something that you must have in your wardrobe at all time. This is a classic piece that doesn’t go out of style and that adds a great deal of luminosity to your complexion. For summer days combine a horizontally striped blouse or a striped shirt with some white jeans and a faux leather crossbody bag in a camel colour. Finish off the outfit with some espadrilles for a wow effect.


Striped blouse outfit

How to pair a striped dress for a minimal outfit

A striped dress is a wonderfully simple piece that is always on trend. If your style is more minimal, this is the perfect piece for you and the ideal way to introduce stripes into your wardrobe for the summer.

Outfit with a black and white striped dress

For days when you want to go for a casual style pair a midi dress with fine white and black lines with a white blazer. Add some roman style sandals and an ochre bag with a discrete shine finish. You’ll have a simple look with a lot of luminosity perfect for any time of day.


Black and white striped dress outfit


As you can see, stripes are extremely versatile and will help you achieve an on-trend look this summer. For more ideas to style stripes, get in touch with the Lookiero stylists.


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How to Style the Stripe - Beyond the Breton T-shirt

Jennifer Inglis;
8 July, 2019
I love the yellow striped blazer! I wear a lot of stripes!!

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