How to wear a kimono in style

How to wear a kimono in style

6 May, 2021

Our Lookiero Personal Shoppers give you tips to wear a kimono in style. Learn what clothes go with your kimono and how to wear it with jeans, culottes and dresses.

The kimono is back in your wardrobe this Spring, bringing a touch of oriental flavour to your everyday! We can only say good things about kimonos: comfortable and stylish, we love the myriad of prints and the variety of flowy fabrics we can choose from; they are perfect for surviving the mid-season in style and throwing your favourite over almost any Spring outfit. Today we explore how to wear kimonos, and what to wear them with.

What is a kimono?

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, and you might have spotted them on films based in the Far East. Designed in a T-shape, it has square sleeves and a rectangular bodice that falls like a waterfall and is fastened to the body with a sash or belt.

The word kimono is composed of ki (to wear) and mono (thing). And tradition says that it should be worn by wrapping the left ribbon over the right, unless the wearer is deceased. In this case, the wrapping is done the other way round.

Although the traditional kimono is made of silk, as it’s taken the high street by storm it has also transformed to suit our everyday life, and we can now find it in different, easy-to-care-for fabrics such as satin and linen, as well as diverse cuts and prints, such as paisley, tie dye or florals.

How can I wear a kimono this Spring?

If you like comfortable clothes that ooze stylish charm, you’re in luck: the kimono is the king of the castle this season. Dior made it clear when its Spring/Summer 2021 runway show replaced the traditional mid-season jackets with kimonos. Gorgeously printed and in all lengths to suit every body and every body, there’s a kimono for every look. Will you choose ankle-length or hip-length?

If you’re wondering how to combine kimonos and you’re immediately thinking of jeans, it’s time to think outside the box! Although it’s true they look stunning with jeans, kimonos also look perfect worn with midi skirts, long dresses, culotte trousers or knitted shorts. And remember you can wear it open or closed.

Style dos and don’ts for wearing a kimono

  • If you fancy a long kimono and you are petite, wear it with wedges or high heels to add a few extra inches to your height
  • More of a casual lover? Give hip-length kimonos a try, worn with your favourite trainers for a twist to your everyday looks
  • Add a final flourish to a total black look of jeans and t-shirt by adding a printed kimono; this is perfect for a date or meal out!
  • If you think of yourself as having more of an apple or oval body shape, avoid wearing your kimono closed; wearing it open flatters almost every figure as it adds a verticality to your looks.
  • If you are looking for a slimming effect, try to stay away from batwing sleeves as slightly more fitted options tend to look more flattering by avoiding extra volume where you don’t need it
  • Be scared to try fabrics in a luxurious feel, such as satin, and choose colours and prints to bring air and light to your outfits. Feeling brave? Why not wear a red satin kimono dress for your next event… it’s certain to turn heads!

Spring looks with a kimono

Kimonos are easier to wear than we all think. At Lookiero we have created the following three looks and we hope that you’ll feel inspired to try a kimono and turn it into your star cover-up this season!

Kimono with jeans

Kimono with jeans
Kimono with jeans outfit

If you prefer to play it safe but don’t want to miss out on this season’s must-have, wear it with jeans and a top in a solid colour. Choose a printed kimono that suits your colouring and skin tone, and add a pair of heeled sandals for a sophisticated take on an everyday look.

Kimono with dresses

kimono whit dress
kimono whit dress outfit

If, like us, you’re a fan of boho style, a winning bet is to wear your kimono with a fitted or straight dress to create a contrast of volumes. If you are looking for a slimming effect, opt for a plain and skin-skimming dress underneath, and wear your kimono open. Elevate your look with a suede cross-body bag and Roman sandals – ready for anything!

Kimono with trousers

kimono with trousers
kimono with trousers outfit

Dare to mix two of this season’s trends together by adding a pair of culotte trousers to the mix! Choose a cropped kimono, cut at the waist, and wear a cami underneath. Top it off with a clutch and you’ve got the perfect look for a summer evening.

So, what do you think? Ready to try a kimono this Spring? Let your Personal Shopper know that you’ve fallen in love with kimonos and she’ll be sure to surprise you in your next Lookiero.

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Amanda Everett;
8 May, 2021
I love floaty kimono dresses and shirts/top
13 May, 2021
I was really impressed with the kimono article & it made me feel excited to see the variety of options, colours & patterns they offer Maybe I’ll see one in my next delivery?
Mandy Dean;
28 May, 2021
Like the idea of a hip length kimono, but not sure what to wear it with? Open or closed? Love all the colours you can get them in. Maybe I’ll see one in my next box?
Tanya Storey;
1 August, 2021
My favourite wardrobe item ever ! I absolutely adore kimonos . I can’t get enough , so send send send as many as you like ! They add pizazz, fun , charm , class , elegance, . The list is endless . What is there not to love . 💕

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