How to team up a knitted vest in 5 styles

How to team up a knitted vest in 5 styles

14 March, 2023

Fashion often surprises us by bringing “out of style” garments back on track that seemed forgotten forever. This spring, however, there is no doubt: the knitted vest is back in so many different versions, perfect to suit everyone’s tastes. We already saw it last year in some collections, but this year it is impossible not to notice that the knit vest will take centre stage. From Prada to Gucci, arriving to the streets, this trend is here to stay.

5 Looks to wear the knitted vest in every style

This item sure has a preppy and retrò vibe, almost a “granny style” that either you love or you hate. But, surprisingly, it can be adapted to many styles and occasions – making it a must-have for spring. Just to prove our point, we’ll show you how to adapt the same knitted vest to different styles. Are you ready?

Grunge look with knitted vest

For a grunge look, you want to look edgy and rocker, but still stylish and polished. You can pair your knitted vest with leather pants and over a simple T-shirt. Round off the look with an oversized, distressed denim jacket, and don’t forget your combat boots!

Classic look with knitted vest

This item is perfect when you want to add a fun twist to your classic look. This is the reason why many young women who start working in offices like to style their knitted vests with a classic shirt and classic trousers: it’s chic, professional but also trendy.

Boho-chic look with knitted vest

If you want to blend this trend into your boho attire, the best way to wear it is with a midi skirt and a blouse with some details like frills or embroidery, that will give it a feminine touch. Balloon sleeves are also a perfect option because they look great with a sleeveless jumper and the effect will be super chic!

Preppy look with knitted vest

The preppy style may look similar to the classic one, but in this case it is more chic and “snobby”. If you want to embrace this style, you need to look like you’ve just played a game of tennis at the country club and now you’re heading home to sip a Martini on your expensive sofa. To do this, mix your knitted vest with a white button-down shirt, a mini skirt and loafers. Voilà

Oversize look with knitted vest

There is no need to wear something underneath a knitted vest, you can also wear it like this, as a top. In this case, we suggest you choose a slightly oversized one and match it with your wide-leg jeans. Top it off with a pair of trainers for a casual and sporty, yet very on-trend look!

A £10 gift to get dressed by your Personal Shopper

As you can see, there are lots of ways to combine the knitted waistcoat, depending on your tastes and needs. And when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask your Personal Shopper to put together the best outfit for you!

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15 March, 2023
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17 March, 2023
Love all styles with knitted vest. Would like to try one of these in my next box

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