How to wear the colour of the month: black

How to wear the colour of the month: black

7 November, 2022

Well, actually the colour we have chosen this month, is not a colour. In theory, it’s more of an absence of light, but it doesn’t really dull your look. In November, we are talking about black.

Intriguing, full of mystery and terribly classic, looks in this colour remain an evergreen that never go out of style: loved by everyone and perfect for minimal and chic looks.

Black is always the easiest choice because it is ideal for both day and evening outfits and can be combined with every shade. We commonly think that wearing black, we can never go wrong, but there is a fine line between wearing black in a chic or in a boring way. Keep reading to discover the best way to wear total black and the most flattering pairings with other colours.

Colours to wear with black this season

Black works perfectly in total looks because it is always stylish and interesting. It can also be teamed with other colours to spice up our style and make it suitable for many more occasions. Luckily, there is no colour that does not combine, in one way or another, with black, but here we are going to show you those pairings our Personal Shoppers like the most and that can be easily adaptable to almost all styles and occasions.

How to combine black and white

The classic of classics: Black & white is the ultimate definition of chic style. The contrast between the absence of colour and the brightness of white is a perfect match. Whether you opt for a total look in black with spots of white here and there or you decide to give both colours equal play, success is guaranteed.

How to combine black and white

In this look, we’ve put together a balanced look with black tailored trousers, a white jumper for the colder months and a white coat. The accessories are classic black. In this way, the proportion of black and white creates a harmonious and timeless look, both for the office and for any social event.

Matching black and blue in your winter looks

Banish the popular belief that black and blue should not mix. When these two elegant colours are combined, the result is a sophisticated and timeless look.

Matching black and blue

Take a look at this look from style goddess Olivia Palermo: she successfully combines a total black look with leather pants and a jumper with a blue coat. Isn’t it the chicest thing you’ve ever seen? We love it for daytime and elegant dinners alike!

How to create a look in red and black

It’s true, not everyone is comfortable wearing red. It can be a little too strong and flashy which is why combining it with black, even in small doses, may be the easiest way to bring this colour into your wardrobe.

look in red and black

Choose red accessories to give that touch of colour to black total looks or mix both colours in a cheerful and strong mix. Even the queen of elegance, Kate Middleton dares with this combo! Take note of how she uses red outerwear to brighten up a total black look in broad daylight..

Total black look ideas

Let’s face it: everyone loves a total black outfit. It’s chic, elegant and easy to put together because you don’t have to think too hard. That said, it’s also easy to fall into the trap of creating a boring outfit. So how do you make a total black look interesting? Play with different textures, fabrics and have fun with proportions!

total look in black

In this look we mix the leather effect of the pants with a warm and soft knit: a modern look completed with the classic touch of the coat.

How to wear black according to your colourimetry

We all agree that black is, to a greater or lesser extent, in every wardrobe, but wearing a shade that is too intense or too cold does not suit every woman. It is difficult to completely eliminate black from our wardrobes, but we can use some tricks to combine it with the colours that suit us best.


Take for example Meghan Markle, she belongs to the Deep Autumn season (so very close to the Winter one) but black is not the best colour to enhance her skin tone. So she wears a beige trench over the dress to balance the intensity of the black and to add a shade, from her palette, near the face.

how to combine black for autumn colourimetry women


For Spring women, black is probably the worst of all colours because the shades from the Spring palette are all bright, very luminous and warm. So, if you belong to this season you can wear it but far away from your face: like Miranda Kerr, who wears a black midi skirt and a top in the blue shades of her warm palette.

how to combine black for spring colourimetry women


Winter women should not be afraid of wearing black, it’s your colour! You can go for a total black look, very strong, or you can mix it with the other intense shades of your palette: you’ll look amazing both ways!

how to combine black for winter colourimetry women


Being used to cold tones, Summer women shouldn’t look bad in black but it could be a little too intense for them and make them ”disappear”. Luckily, if your season is Summer, you can wear black mixed with the soft tones of your palette: this not only will benefit your skin tone but will also give the look a chic allure. Georgia May Jagger chose a black jacket over this light green dress to create a contrast not only of colours, but also of styles.

how to combine black for summer colourimetry women

3 black must-haves for your wardrobe

Since black is a colour that we can’t miss in our wardrobes, independently of our Season, there are some particular items that if owned in black can become a super versatile and necessary piece of any wardrobe. Here are our favourites!

Black jeans

From the pure black to the “bleached” version, this item is a must in any wardrobe. Why? Well, simply because you can wear it with almost everything: at the office with a shirt and a blazer or casually with a hoodie. You can also wear it at night with a sequinned top: just choose the model for your silhouette, and we’re sure you’ll never get rid of it!

Black blazer

As you know, the blazer is a key item of the capsule wardrobe. Perfect to elevate any basic look, it’s something we should all have in our wardrobe. Of course, the more neutral the colour we choose, the more versatile it will be. This way, you can combine it with an elegant, professional or evening outfit, as you wish. Again, remember to choose a model that suits your body shape. Short, oversized, tailored, with or without shoulder pads…

Black T-shirt

The T-shirt is an item that we commonly associate with casual or sporty style, but it can be a cheerful garment to wear in both casual and classic outfits. So, it is a staple to have in our wardrobes, to be worn under a blazer, a cardigan or an open shirt. You can choose from an infinite number of styles and cuts, and you can opt for one with a few details to hype up the look.

These are the keys you need to create your looks with our colour of the month. If you’ve fallen in love with any of these looks, let your Personal Shopper know. She will know how to take it into account when preparing your next Lookiero.

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