How To Wear Preppy Style This Season

How to wear preppy style looks this Season

18 October, 2021

Wondering what Blair Waldorf would wear this Autumn? If you fancy yourself some lunch on the steps of the Met à la Gossip Girl, you can’t miss our preppy style looks for this Autumn.

At Lookiero we believe that, to create your own style, it is good to keep an eye ok the trends and to adapt them to your own tastes and lifestyle. And, this Autumn, we find preppy style back in fashion! Preppy style was originally inspired by the looks of students attending the most prestigious universities and colleges in the United States. Items such as v-neck jumpers, blazers with embroidered coats of arms and/or initials, waistcoats and pleated skirts are synonymous with this style.

If you loved the original ‘Gossip Girl’ (were you more Blair or Serena?), and you’ve even dipped your toe in the latest reboot because you just can’t keep away from those Upper East Side dramas (and looks!) we have all the scoop to bring some XOXO to your outfits this Autumn.

How can I wear preppy style beyond my 20s?

This year, preppy style will maintain its classic essence, but with a fresh twist. Bows and skirts will take a back seat, and casual sweatshirts and oversized cuts will take over. Don’t be afraid to mix and match elements inspired by different styles to create more contemporary and eclectic preppy looks. Choose neutral colours either accents in pink, yellow or blue.

Moschino 2022 and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini have been two of the brands who showcased this style, focusing on v-neck jumpers, structured blazers with shoulder pads, sharp mini skirts and berets. A revamped preppy look that’s less innocent and more defiant. But how can you wear preppy style your way? Our Lookiero Personal Shoppers are here to help you.

Must-haves for an updated preppy look

If you want to wear preppy style in this Autumn’s fresh way, these are the key garments to focus on:

Must-haves for an updated preppy look

  1. Oversize sportswear
  2. Sportswear is one of the pillar sod preppy style, particularly tennis, polo and rugby. How can you wear it? Throw on a sweatshirt as a dress or mix them with other more classic garments.

  3. Striped or diamond knitted waistcoats
  4. Will look great with oversize shirts underneath.

  5. Tweed garments in pastel colours
  6. Chanel bets on them time and time again, so why wouldn’t we? Mix & match classic garments with sporty ones for a look that’s pure trend!

  7. Cropped cardigans
  8. Wear them with all the buttons done up; and, if you’re brave and want to take preppy style to the extreme, get yourself a cardigan with jewel buttons to wear as a top, with a pleated skirt and some track boots (which are far from classic, but will become a must-have for this season’s updated preppy style!).

  9. Leather or pleather
  10. We will continue to see this texture in jackets, skirts and trousers, worn with cotton sweatshirts and knitted jumpers.

  11. Wide-leg and high-waisted corduroy trousers
  12. They are amongst the most-wanted items of this Autumn-Winter season. Worn with a knitted waistcoat, a pair of track loafers or high boots, and you will achieve the perfect preppy look for this season.

  13. Gossip Girl-inspired, preppy looks for 2021
  14. Need a little extra inspiration? We’ve rounded up the most stylish preppy looks to inspire you this Autumn:

    How To Wear Preppy Style This Season

    Would you love to try preppy style this season, but don’t know where to start? Tell your Personal Shopper and let her select a Gossip Girl-inspired look for you. Your Personal Shopper will love to help you explore new trends with Lookiero!

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