How to combine red

The only guide you need to wear red in style

7 February, 2022

Wearing this colour brings authority, confidence and positive energy to your outfit, and it can be worn in countless ways. Embrace red this season; keep reading to learn how, using the tips from our Personal Shoppers.

Red transmits energy, bravery, passion and love. It has always had a special place in fashion. So much so, in fact, that Valentino himself could tell you: the famous fashion company has its own Valentino Red, brand icon since 1959.

How to combine red with other colours

Red is a very powerful colour and that’s why it is sometimes difficult to find it a suitable partner. Here are 4 suggestions from our Personal Shoppers to ensure this colour doesn’t steal your thunder.

Red and blue: the energy match

Red and blue outfit

These two primary colours create an instant contrast to fill you with energy. A satin midi skirt in blue and a red oversized jumper create an eye-catching outfit. Finish it by adding a pair of neutral-coloured sneakers, and you will shine.

Black and red: classics you can trust

Black and red outfit

With black adding sobriety and elegance and red bringing on vitality, this combination is as sophisticated as it gets. All you need is a red midi dress and a black cardigan or blazer. If you wear it at night, add a pair of stilettos. Or, if you prefer a more casual look, you may opt for military boots. Your call!

Red and green: opposites attract

Red and green outfit

Red and green are complementary colours, which makes them a great match. Join the colourblock trend with a pair of wide leg trousers in jade colour and a red jumper. Few outfits will make you feel trendier than this. Throw in a pair of oxford shoes to give your look a masculine touch.

Pink and red: unapologetically chic

Pink and red outfit

Insiders and designers have spoken: pink and red not only go together, but are also a winning combo. Dare to combine a red mohair jumper or top part with a pink midi skirt. Round off your outfit with black kitten heels. Elegant, chic and so trendy.

According to colourimetry, which shade of red suits you best?

Burgundy for Summer women

Burgundy for Summer women
Burgundy for summer women

Burgundy is among the darkest reds. This hue is quite flattering for women with a Summer colorimetry, as it complements their warmth and will enhance their outfits.

Coral red for Spring women

Coral red for Spring women
Coral red for Spring women

With its orange details, coral will highlight your natural Spring harmonies. A jumper or top part in this colour will bring light to your face and flatter you in any look.

Intense red for Winter women

Intense red for Winter women
Intense red

Dark hair and fair skin, typical from Winter women, can benefit from wearing intense red. It will enhance your features and highlight your eye colour.

Terracotta red for Autumn women

Terracotta red for Autumn women
Terracotta red

Terracotta red adds class and warmth and is perfect for Autumn women, who have defined features and golden highlights in their skin and hair. It is also a very elegant colour, perfect for special occasions.

Red pieces that will make you shine

Red pieces that will make you shine

This 2022, numerous designers have put red on the catwalk in different ways. Salvatore Ferragamo’s bet is to use it for outerwear, like masculine maxi coats, making it the main piece of the outfit. On the other hand, Proenza prefers to combine it with neutral colours like white in a more subtle style. Dior opts for going all in with sophistication with a total look with satin clothes and matching wide leg trousers in the same colour and fabric.

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Lorraine Garmston;
28 September, 2020
I love the red pieces in these looks, never thought of wearing it like this!
Lou S;
6 October, 2020
I’m a big fan of the colour red, especially when it’s styled well and I love these looks ❤️

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