How to wear the miniskirt, the star of summer 2022

23 March, 2022

Prada, Chanel and Miu Miu have brought back this iconic garment for their Spring-Summer 2022 collections and miniskirts will undoubtedly be one of the most popular garments in the coming months. Want the clues on how to adapt it to your style, whatever it may be?

How have we spotted miniskirts on the catwalks and in street style?

Under the spotlight, fashion brands have shown us miniskirts in sartorial style, very much in line with the style of the 90s.

Our Personal Shoppers invite you to follow this trend, but by picking a bright colour, such as orange or fuchsia, to create a total sartorial look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Your outfit will not go unnoticed!

If you prefer the college vibe, you can choose to wear the miniskirt with a classic white shirt, oxford shoes and white socks. Add that nineties touch to your miniskirt look with a vinyl trench coat (Matrix style) or by wearing it with flared jeans. Ready to take a trip back in time?

Styling tips to wear miniskirts this spring

  • Choose bold colours
  • Prefer simple, comfortable patterns
  • Look for symmetrical cuts to slim your figure
  • Try to avoid miniskirts with lots of prints or ornaments, as they will add bulk
  • If you prefer a slim fit, compensate for your figure by wearing a looser fitting top
  • Avoid low-rise skirts

How to choose the right miniskirt for your body type

There is a miniskirt for every woman. This piece is sufficiently versatile to adapt to all morphologies and flatter everyone. Are you still not sure what your body shape is? In this post you have all the information you need to find out.

The ideal miniskirt if you’re curvy/plus size

miniskirt if you're curvy/plus size

If you identify with this silhouette (wide hips, strong legs, lots of curves), the miniskirt that best suits you will be the one that doesn’t overshadow your figure. Choose one in a straight cut and in a plain colour (less is more) and combine it with a lingerie top and heeled sandals to lengthen your legs even more.

Which miniskirt to choose if you are petite

miniskirt for petite women

If you are under 5’3″ you can gain a few extra inches with a high-waisted miniskirt that sits high up on the waist. Wear it in a total look, with a top in the same colour as the skirt. This simple way will visually slim your figure and make you look more feminine.

The perfect miniskirt for rectangle women

miniskirt for rectangular body shape

Create curves with a miniskirt with asymmetrical or wrap details. Combine it with a fitted top that leaves these details visible at the waist – your miniskirt outfit ready to go in no time!

If you have a triangle body type, this is your miniskirt

mini skirt for triangle body shape

Avoid those with loose cuts, maxi prints and ornaments such as ruffles, as they will add even more volume to this part of your body. Leave these details for your tops, as they will balance your upper and lower body. In your case, your companion for the hottest summer days will be a straight fit miniskirt.

Spring-summer looks with miniskirts

We still have a few weeks left to wear them in all their splendour, but here we bring you a few looks so you can get your models ready for the warmer days. Have your miniskirt on point for any occasion: for the office, for an outing with your friends, for a date… This 2022 you will keep them on 24/7!

Classic office look with miniskirt

Classic office look with miniskirt

Meeting on the agenda today? This classic look doesn’t fail. Start with a basic black miniskirt (if you don’t already have one for your office looks, now is the time), add a top (t-shirt or shirt) in white and wear it with a trench coat and oxford or kitten heel, depending on your mood.

Effortless look with boho miniskirt

miniskirt boho style

If you’re all about the relaxed, boho style, your favourite skirt will be a taupe suede skirt. It goes perfectly with printed blouses or a lingerie top, as we propose in this look. Wear it with a fringed overshirt now at the beginning of the season and combine it with a cross-body bag that gives you the freedom of movement you love so much!

Perfect casual look with this denim miniskirt

casual look with mini skirt

Casual and denim speak the same language. Wear your miniskirt with a basic or graphic tee with a punchy message, pull out your jacket and choose two-tone trainers to add a splash of colour to this basic outfit. A dynamic, comfortable and trendy look for everyday wear.

Your trendiest look with miniskirt

trendiest look with miniskirt

If you love to play with fashion proposals and always be on trend, this season you have to add to your wardrobe a leather skirt in a powerful colour like red or citrus orange (to find out which shade suits you best, consult your Personal Shopper). Wear it with an animal print jumper and top it with a blazer with XXL shoulder pads. Finish off your look with a pair of ankle boots and you’ll exude style wherever you go!

As you can see, there are a whole host of ways to wear miniskirts. Don’t miss the chance to wear this season’s star garment and add it to your style with our style tips. If we’ve convinced you to get one now, tell your Personal Shopper the next time you order your Lookiero, she will find the ideal one to match the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

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