How to wear orange this month? lookiero

How to wear orange this month?

6 June, 2022

This 2022, orange and tangerine will give you that extra boost to your summer looks. Here are our tips to show off these two powerful colours in the best style.

Our Personal Shoppers have selected the best ideas from the catwalks in this practical guide to discover the best way to wear orange and its more acidic version, tangerine, according to your tastes and your colourimetry. Make a list of your favourites to tell them when you place your next order!

Orange and tangerine: two colours to liven up your summer wardrobe

Orange is the colour of enthusiasm, joy and optimism. It brings us directly to summer, warmth and evenings in the sun. Plus, it gives us good vibes and a connection to nature.

In fact, it was one of the favourite colours of the 70s for interior design and for the daring prints of this era that we love so much.

Take advantage and use this colour in your outfits to radiate self-confidence and good vibes: go bold with a total look or choose eye-catching accessories that simply add a splash of colour to your most basic looks.

Colours that go best with orange

Their connection to nature makes orange and tangerine the best partners for other intense shades such as deep green or acidic shades such as lemon yellow or fuschia. Want to see these curious pairings in action? Take a look at these cool outfits!

1. Orange and fuchsia: the trendiest option

  • How to combine these two colours
  • Definitely not for the shy ones! These two vibrant shades are an explosive cocktail for an ultra-modern colour block under the sun. Simply wear one of them for the upper part and the other one for the bottom.

  • Our look idea for summer 2022
  • Join together the colour block trend with the most iconic pieces of the season, for example, with a pair of flowing wide trousers in orange. On top, a bright pink blouse. If the weather calls for it, add a blazer in a similar colour. And if not, your sunglasses in pink will be enough to create a statement look!

Orange and fuchsia lookiero

2. Orange and beige / nude: the natural duo

  • How to combine these two colours
  • If you prefer a subtle style but don’t want to give up a little vitamin in your wardrobe, this combination is the one for you. Intense orange and beige both belong to the earth shades palette and are therefore a perfect match for any occasion.

  • Our look idea for summer 2022
  • For this elegant outfit, the key is to start with a plain base with beige pants and a plain T-shirt. The orange blazer suddenly changes the whole outfit and gives it that dynamic touch. Perfect for the office or happy hour with friends!

Orange and beige lookiero

3. Orange and yellow: a fruity combination

  • How to combine the two colours
  • You can’t go wrong with two such summery colours! Orange is a perfect mix between red and yellow, so the latter suits it like a glove. Try wearing an orange total look with yellow accessories or more balanced mixes like the one below.

  • Our look idea for summer 2022
  • Start with a floral print midi skirt in yellow tones. Pair it with a more masculine piece like a structured shirt in a soft orange shade and complete the look with earth-toned heeled sandals and your favourite sunglasses. Your sunset date has a winning look!

Orange and yellow lookiero

4. Orange and green: opposites attract

  • How to combine these two colours
  • There are certain matches that never disappoint, such as combining two complementary colours. And this one, in particular, also gives us a retro feel that we love. Play around with different tones and fabrics. Once you try it, you won’t be able to stop wearing it!

  • Our look idea for summer 2022
  • A sporty-chic outfit in every sense of the word. The best way to wear a pair of satin trousers in bright green for everyday wear. Team it with white trainers and a sleeveless blouse in orange and you’re ready for a summer in the city!

Orange and green lookiero

Which orange shade suits you best according to your colourimetry?

Every complexion and skin tone has its ideal orange. Find yours here:

If you are a Winter woman, with dark hair and fair skin, with a lot of contrast, the right shade will always be the brightest. Like Anne Hathaway, your ideal orange is the one with the most red in it.

colourimetry winter lookiero

Powerful shades will also work for you if you’re a Summer woman, like Reese Witherspoon. However, in this case, go for a slightly lighter shade.

colourmetry summer lookiero

The Autumn woman is recognisable by the golden or even orange tones of her skin. That’s why warmer, softer tones look great on these women. Check out this look from Emma Watson in a deep orange.

colourimetry autumn lookiero

Finally, if you are a Spring woman, like Leonie Hanne, you are a lucky girl. Any shade of orange will look great on you. Dare with tangerine, lemon orange and the whole range that you can find this season at hand!

colourimetry spring lookiero

And you, are you a fan of orange? Talk to your Personal Shopper and ask them to include a special item in your next Lookiero to create the most vitamin-packed combinations this summer.

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