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Jeans: All the Trends in 2024

18 December, 2023

A garment that never misses from our wardrobe every year is definitely jeans. An item that never goes out of style but lends itself to reinterpretations, reinterpretations in new cuts, models, and washes. If you want to know which trends will characterise 2024, keep reading this article: our Personal Shoppers already have all the answers!

In our wardrobe, we all have a garment that accompanies us constantly throughout all seasons: jeans. Whether you’re a fan of classic cuts or looking for a touch of originality, our Personal Shoppers are ready to reveal the must-haves for your collection. Come with us to discover the gems that will add style to your wardrobe!

Raw Jeans

“Raw” jeans are characterised by untreated denim. They are usually recognised because they are darker and more uniform and do not have the nuances and lightening we usually find on jeans. Being untreated in any way, they are also stiffer and may be uncomfortable at first: don’t let this characteristic stop you, wear them often, and you’ll see that they will gradually adapt perfectly to your shape and become your favourites!

As it is very dark denim, we recommend wearing it with a light sweater to create a nice contrast and balance the colours. If you prefer a more casual look, pair them with sneakers and a coat in shades of blue

Looks raw jeans white sweater white sneakers blue coat

Jeans with Frayed Hem

Jeans with a frayed hem are coming back into fashion: a few years ago, they had a great moment in the spotlight, so much so that we found ourselves cutting the hem of our favourite jeans with scissors to follow the trend. Get your tools ready because next year will be all about undefined hems, fringes, and that “unfinished” touch that makes a look special.

It’s jeans that already have a lot of character, so it needs to be balanced by pairing it with simpler items that can make it the absolute star of the look. Try it with a solid-coloured blouse, ankle boots, and a long cardigan!

frayed hem jeans terracotta blouse ankle boots beige cardigan

Extra Wide Jeans

The post-COVID years have brought with them a desire for comfort that we have not yet tired of. Wide-leg jeans will be the protagonists of the new year, allowing us to be comfortable in any situation. When you wear this cut, you need to pay attention to balancing the look, or else the silhouette will not be properly emphasised.

In this regard, the look we have in mind consists of our wide and comfortable jeans, a fitted turtleneck, and a tailored blazer. The outfit will be balanced in both proportions and style: the casual character of denim is mixed with basic and classic pieces.

extra-wide jeans tailored blazer burgundy turtleneck

Culotte Jeans

It is often thought that the culotte style does not suit everyone: true, it is certainly a difficult cut to wear, but by carefully choosing how to wear it, depending on your silhouette, it can enhance any physique. The secret is in creating the right proportions.

An explosion of soft colours, between neutral and pastel, characterises the look we propose. Culotte jeans, in light shades, perfectly paired with a lilac turtleneck sweater: ankles exposed? High neckline!

culotte jeans lilac turtleneck

Skinny Jeans

We thought they were out of fashion by now, but you know how it goes: fashion comes back. Skinny jeans may seem uncomfortable, but in reality, containing elastane and adapting perfectly to our curves, they can become the best allies for comfy and practical looks.

We suggest pairing them with an oversized sweater to satisfy even those who don’t feel comfortable showing their hips. This jeans style also lends itself to being tucked into our tall boots, so you can complete the look with some western boots that will add a trendy touch.

skinny jeans brown turtleneck western boots

2024 promises to be a denim year full of variety and style. Unleash your creativity, explore these trends with confidence, and remember: fashion is the expression of your personality. Find the perfect jeans for you, be daring with surprising combinations, and become the style icon you deserve to be.

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