#ComMuitoTacto da Lookiero para lutarmos juntas contra o cancro da mama

Join Lookiero’s #KeepClose to fight against Breast Cancer

1 October, 2020

Over the last five years, we’ve been by the sides of thousands of women across Europe. We’ve got to know their tastes, their styles and, more importantly, their stories.

Every woman who trusts us has her own story, her own experiences as a woman. That’s why, once again, we’re proud to accompany all our fantastic women during the very special Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In 2018, there were approximately 2,088,849 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed worldwide. Breast Cancer is the most common tumor diagnosed in women and, although rates are higher in developed countries, they’re increasing in almost all regions of the world.

During October we dedicate all of our communication channels to this cause. To launch a message – early detection saves lives. Can you help us spread the word?

To help educate our community on Breast Cancer, we’ll be posting special features and highlights on our social media channels and blog throughout October. Learn how to perform a step-by-step breast exam

We also want to use social media to spark important conversations among women and inspire us all to be more proactive with our health. So we’re encouraging everyone to share knowledge, that’s why we created a set of unique stickers and GIFs for you to use in your stories. Let’s make this as visible as we can and help as many women as possible to #KeepClose.

#KeepClose Breast Cancer

Every action counts to spread the message. To help spread awareness. The first step in fighting breast cancer. You can share your stories to help raise awareness about early detection. Remember to share our blog, mention @lookiero_uk, include the #KeepClose hashtag and to use our GIFs. We’ll spread your posts on our social media too!

It’s all about joining forces and empowering our community of incredible women by encouraging everyone to share information, stories, and experiences. Starting this month.

#KeepClose to friends and loved ones – a first step to beating breast cancer!

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