Learn how to Take Your Measurements

14 November, 2018

Understanding your measurements and sizing will help you find that perfect flattering fit. We all want to feel confident in what we are wearing, but many of us don’t actually know how to properly take measurements, to help you select the right size for your shape.

Today on our blog our very own fashion technician Alice is going to show is the basics on how to always get our size and measurements right. Read on to discover a full guide to taking your measurements to help you find your perfect size.

The basics:

A large part of getting your measurements right is knowing how to stand while you take them. If you are sitting or putting more weight on one side while standing, for example, this can result in inaccurate measurements. Here are a few tips to help you:

- Stand in a natural position, balanced and relaxed

- Look forward

- Straighten your back

-Relax your arms

-Put your feet together

-When we are taking the measurements the measuring tape should always be parallel to the floor.


The tools:

To successfully take your measurements, you will need a few key pieces:

- Measuring tape

- Form-fitting clothes or little clothes, in order to get the closest to reality measurements

- Your bra is also important, if you wear a padded one or a push up bra, this affects your bust measurements. Take your measurements with the one you use the most.


Taking your measurements:

In order to calculate your size, you need to take a variety of measurements. When measuring for your size, take the following:

Bust: Measure around the fullest part (the middle of your bust.) This is the measurement that we use to determine the top size.

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline- this is usually in line with your navel.

Hips: Measure the widest part. Usually, our measuring tape should cross around the middle of our behind,  around 8 inches below our waistline.

In order to choose your bottom size, your hips and waist measurements will help you choose the size that is true to your body. Out of these two measurements, the waist measurements are always more important.


Top tips:

If after this whole process you are still in doubt of which size to choose, choose the one you would usually wear and find most comfortable.

Don’t be taken aback if your personal shoppers send you a different size than what you selected according to your measurements. Our personal shoppers have a great knowledge on the brands we work with and will be able to determine whether a style might come up larger or smaller.

Finding your perfect size will go a long way to ensure you get the most flattering fit. If in doubt, ask your personal shopper for advice, to ensure you feel amazing in everything that you wear.






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