8 March, 2019

When you think about Lookiero the first thing that comes to mind is probably our boxes, the clothes or the name of your Personal Shopper. But, even though the Personal Shoppers are a huge part of Lookiero, there are many more departments that come into play when putting together the perfect Lookiero experience.

At Lookiero most of these departments are made up by women and all of them are women full of POWER. Today we want to shed light on some of them and bring you closer to the people behind every box.


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Alba was one of the first members of the Fashion Technicians team at Lookiero. She knows every single clothing item like the back of her hand. She always has a smile on her face and is the official advocate for the annual group photo. Without a doubt, she is a woman who is kind, fun and full of POWER.


How is your day to day at Lookiero?

“Every day is different, and luckily, fun! We study in depth about every single brand and clothing item that comes to Lookiero. In other words, we make a technical “X-ray” of every clothing item. We photograph each item, measure it, compare patterns, its composition and the quality of each item. We also prepare the clothing recommendation collages for our clients.

We often get together with our Personal Shoppers and organise training to make sure the size/quality information flows between departments.”


How would you describe your experience working at Lookiero?

“I started at Lookiero almost three years ago, when it was still a really small team. I immediately felt part of the team and completely valued. We’ve grown a lot since then and each day I’m more in love with the project and the fact that my work makes so many women happy. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come and how far we can still go.”


What do you like the most about working at Lookiero?

“We have a great working environment. The department I started in has grown a lot, and nowadays my colleagues are more like friends. I love that!

On the other hand, being able to study the clothing items from the brands we work with, their composition, quality, patterns, and to be up to date with all the trends day to day is incredible. Without a doubt, my work is truly fulfilling and I feel very grateful.”


5 fun facts about yourself

  • I love to draw, I go into my own little world.
  • I print out every photo, I’m very old school. I’m a paper and book fan 😉
  • I whistle and hum when I’m happy.
  • One of my favourite things to do is to watch the sunset on a summer day.
  • I like to have movie marathons of my favourite movie series, at least once a year.


lookiero style



Victoria is part of the Personal Shopper Directors team at Lookiero. She never leaves anything half done and is always involved in a million plus activities.


How is your day to day at Lookiero?

Most of my day is usually centred around meeting with my team for training and analysing data. I spend a lot of my time gathering insights that I can later share with the team, which helps us to create better selections for our clients. The other half of my time is spent putting together selections for my clients, something that I enjoy doing daily.


How would you describe your experience working at Lookiero?


“Lookiero is a new experience and opportunity each day. It brings together the fascinating world of fashion with a fast-growing company. An unbeatable combination.”


What do you like most about working at Lookiero?

I love the relationship and tie that is formed between a Personal Shopper and a client. It’s very special. I love to read the stories that they share with us and challenge myself to prepare the best selection that can, in order to surprise every one of them.

The thing that I love the most is when clients send in their comments telling us how happy they are and how much they’ve enjoyed the selection.


5 fun facts about yourself

  • My favourite moment in the week is my “Sunday cultural breakfast”. A special breakfast with the culture special from the paper.
  • There are always flowers in my house
  • My calling that I never pursued: perfumer
  • Painting on silk is my therapy
  • I’m addicted to coffee (made in an Italian coffee house, the traditional way)

Lookiero women, Lookiero full of power.

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