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Great maternity looks for this Summer

9 June, 2021

A Summer pregnancy can mean that getting dressed becomes a bit of a situation!

como vestir embarazada

We know that the heat, added to the size of your growing bump, can make it tricky to choose what to wear if you’re pregnant in Summer. So if you’re looking for maternity looks inspiration, but want to remain comfortable and cool, you’re in the right place! We’ve put this post together just for you.

What to wear if you’re pregnant in Summer

When you are pregnant, the most important thing is to prioritise your comfort at all times. Choose light garments and discard for now any clothes that are too tight, prevent you from moving freely or make you feel uncomfortable or constrained. If in doubt, follow our tips:

Do’s and Don’ts of maternity clothing in Summer

  • Do choose clothes made out of natural fabrics such as linen, silk or cotton
  • Do wear maternity trousers or trousers with elastic at the waist to suit your bump
  • Do consider wearing flowing, loose-fitting or straight-fitting garments
  • Don’t force your bump into tight-fitting clothes or high-waisted jeans
  • Don’t sit in the sun wearing dark colours, as they attract light and can make you overheat
  • Don’t walk around in plastic shoes that could aggravate any swelling on your feet or ankles
  • Don’t walk around in plastic shoes that could aggravate any swelling on your feet or ankles

Maternity looks with Summer dresses

look vestido canalé embarazada
look estampado floral embarazada

Every Summer, dresses become the stars of your wardrobe: cool, comfortable and easy to wear, they help you feel well put-together in one single gesture!

If you are well into your pregnancy, you might opt for comfort and decide to wear loose-fitting dresses. We agree that long, flowy dresses are a fantastic option, and fitted cotton dresses can also be perfect for you.

We have prepared these two looks to inspire you: a Boho breeze on the first one and a more elegant option for the second one. These looks are both comfortable and flattering, and will help you to feel fabulous.

Comment porter une robe pendant la grossesse en été ?

look embarazada con vestido

If you are pregnant, we’d recommend that you choose dresses that:

  • Fit snugly around your waist
  • Are elastic under the bust
  • You love! Choose a cut you like; whether long, short, midi, V-neck or off-the-shoulder, they all work a treat!

If you’re looking for a Summer evening outfit, choose a long, flowy dress and combine it with your favourite pair of flat shoes or sandals. If you are having an evening out, why not wear a tight-fitting cotton dress with loafers or comfortable heels? Even an inch or two can make you feel taller and more nimble.

Casual and sporty maternity looks

If you are looking for outfit ideas for your day to day, here are some tips to help you be comfortable while always keeping your personal style and adapting to your lifestyle:

If you’re a fan of athleisure…

Athleisure styles are still in fashion! This is a trend that will be great for you at this stage of your life where comfort comes first. If you want to try it, we recommend that you choose natural fabrics with a high percentage of elastane, so that you feel comfortable and the clothes fit throughout your pregnancy.

If you’re looking for casual style but don’t love the athleisure trend…

If you’re not the biggest fan of the athleisure trend, but you need some casual, everyday looks, invest in a pair of well-fitting maternity jeans: you’ll be able to wear them throughout your pregnancy, as well as some months after your baby is born. Our jeans have an elasticated waistband that will adapt to your curves as your bump grows. Wear them with your favourite Breton top and comfortable, breathable sneakers, and you’re set!

look con jeans premamá
jeans premamá

If you’re not feeling up to jeans…

If you are trying to put together some casual looks and don’t fancy wearing jeans, you could also try a fitted cotton skirt with a white t-shirt and a denim overshirt or shaket in case the Great British weather does its thing. You’ll look great!

Another star garment you could try if you’re looking for a very trendy casual look is a linen jumpsuit, as it is a light, trendy and very easy-to-wear garment.

look embarazada mono ligero

Stylish evening maternity looks

Are you attending a dinner or a special event? Don’t worry – you’ll be elegant and sophisticated if you follow our advice.

Without a doubt, a fitted dress is the best option for a chic evening look. Choose a blazer to add verticality to your silhouette (if needed, just wear it one or two sizes bigger than your usual) and finish off the look with some kitten heels: a low heel will help you feel dressed up while remaining comfortable. If you’d rather stay away from any heel, black loafers are always a good option, too!

However, this is not the time for a little black dress; Summer calls for deep colour to show off your bump and brighten up your complexion!

look noche embarazada con mocasines

Are you pregnant? Tell your Personal Shopper and she will send you a selection to fit your personality, your body and your daily lifestyle. Don’t miss our selection of maternity clothes!

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21 June, 2021
Hi, How do I change my account to a not I'm pregnant?
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22 June, 2021
Hi Claire, Thank you for your comment. You can change your subscription from "Once in 3 months" to "Occasional" in case you don't want to receive new boxes for some time. However, please note that we can also make a maternity selection for you in case you are pregnant as we also have maternity clothes in stock.

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