10 minimal pieces for your spring-summer

10 minimal pieces for your spring-summer 2022

21 April, 2022

If your personal style is identified by the motto “less is more”, you’ll be happy to know that this spring-summer minimalism is more fashionable than ever.

Get rid of everything that is not strictly necessary and embrace the simple and essential. How? Our Personal Shoppers give you in this post the tricks to choose those must-have items that you can’t miss in your wardrobe to follow this trend.

How to wear minimal style this summer

When we think of minimalist style we always think of those modern, urban women of the 90’s movies with their simple yet elegant and practical looks that fit in with their busy schedules.

Now this style is back in our wardrobes to make our lives a little easier and more stylish without making our heads spin.

Where have you recently spotted this style?

For this spring-summer there are several brands that have been inspired by the minimalist style for their collections. Uma Wang, Lauren Manoogian, Max Mara or Bevza are some of the brands that include clean and simple lines in their looks for the upcoming months.

How will you bring minimal style to your wardrobe this spring-summer 2022?

Minimal style and basics are two sides of the same coin, which is good news for you, as you don’t have to rush out and completely revamp your wardrobe to embrace this trend.

The favourites for our Personal Shoppers to give that minimal touch to your looks this spring-summer are, without a doubt, dresses and skirts, but you can also get blouses, trousers and even accessories that give that modern touch without stridency to your outfits.

Minimal trousers: how to rock them

Minimalist style trousers differ from the rest by their straight cut and structured fabrics. They are usually high-waisted, with a straight cut and are usually worn at ankle or floor length.
The main fabrics in which they are found are cotton, wool (in winter) and linen (for summer).
When it comes to denim, something similar is also true: here there are no embellishments and they are usually worn in a plain colour (without bleaching).

Our Personal Shoppers’ advice to wear them

Pair them with plain coloured tops or blouses and trainers in white or with sling backs, if you’re looking to add a more feminine touch to your look.

How to wear minimal skirts and dresses

As with trousers, this style favours structured fabrics such as cotton and denim, but there is also room for more fluid fabrics such as silk and viscose.
You’ll usually see them in mini or midi cuts and in a plain colour (preferably neutral). A-line and pencil fits are the right ones to go with this style.

Our Personal Shoppers’ advice to wear them

Wear them with nude sandals or décolleté. Your legs will look much longer!

How to choose your minimal shirts and tops

Put your beloved white shirt and unprinted t-shirts at the forefront of your wardrobe. They will be your ABC for tops in this style.
When it comes to cuts, go classic. Don’t go for too tight or oversized. If you want to give it an original touch, include structured fabrics and asymmetrical cuts and always of good quality. What’s infallible for the hottest days of the spring-summer season will be to replace the white shirt with a white tank top, which you can combine with both your trousers and the rest of your denim garments.

Our Personal Shoppers’ advice to wear them

Keep it simple! Choose denim for your daytime looks and straight trousers in black for evening. If you want to wear your minimal dress already in spring, try wearing a plain-coloured top underneath.

The best outerwear for minimal style

You can save the season with just one outer layer: a blazer. Wear it straight cut, in a neutral colour and in a good quality fabric. That’s all you need!
If you prefer a trench coat, it can also be a good option, as long as you wear it without its belt and laid open.

outerwear for minimal style

Our Personal Shoppers’ advice to wear them

The ideal minimal combo is written in the key of a blazer and white T-shirt. Wear them with trousers in a soft colour and add gold accessories, like a pair of earrings.

What you need to know about minimal footwear and accessories

In this case, the maxim “less is more” is perfectly fulfilled. Simple lines, no frills and simplicity par excellence.
For shoes, go for loafers, flats and trainers (white if possible, as they will go perfectly with the rest of your minimal wardrobe).
For accessories, go for structured bags and small, discreet jewellery. Choose gold or silver, depending on your personal taste.

minimal footwear and accessories

Our Personal Shoppers’ advice to wear them

Loafers and ballerinas are perfect for adapting your spring-summer looks both day and night. For a more relaxed vibe, trainers will be your inseparable companion. Go for a bold colour for your handbag to contrast the rest of your neutral outfit. And voila, a rounded minimal look with a few well-chosen items!

If you also want to create your own minimalist looks and live a relaxed and uncomplicated spring-summer, leave a comment for your Personal Shopper in your personal section so that she can take it into account when choosing the clothes for your next Lookiero.

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Kate Placentino;
28 April, 2022
I like the clean, minimal look but these are basics I already own in my wardrobe.

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