Must-Have Summer Garments for Rectangular Bodies

Must-Have Summer Garments for Rectangular Bodies

23 July, 2020

The rectangular body shape is characterized by a straight silhouette with few curves. Shoulders and hips are of similar width; there is little to no waist definition and very long legs.

  • The shoulders, chest and hip are fairly uniform.
  • There are not many curves
  • This type of rectangular silhouette can bee is seen in celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman or Cara Delevingne.

General styling guidelines for women with a rectangular body shape

  • Cinch your waist: Belts are your best allies!
  • Take advantage of optical effects that help you create volumes in your body like ample skirts or a top that enhances shoulders. Layering will help with this.
  • Avoid oversized or extra wide garments as they are not flattering, especially those that hide your midsection.
  • Flares and A-lines are your friends.
  • Pay attention to the fit of garments; don’t go too loose or too tight. This will vary depending on your personal style and preferences; find what works for you.

What to wear in the summer if you have a rectangular body?

  1. The Japanese sleeve dress
    The Japanese sleeve dress
    A waist-enhancing dress with Japanese style sleeves is a great way to adopt a bold retro style with cuts that can flatter you. This type of drop sleeve will add volume to your upper body while the belt will define your waist. For a more pronounced effect, use contrasting colours.

  3. The fitted blazer
    The fitted blazer
    A foolproof classic. Here the idea is to create volumes that give you that desired hourglass figure. This preppy version is shorter and fitted at the waist, with shoulder pads and wide lapels. White goes with everything and brightens up the look.

    You can also be adventurous and opt for a double-breasted print style, to match with your favourite basic t-shirt and straight or wide jeans for a fashion-forward look.

  5. Peplum top
    Peplum top
    Versatile and trendier than a plain blouse. Try the wrap-around version or with a fixed closure and a V-neck to flatter the chest area. Pair it with casual shorts and white Converse shoes. Easy and stylish!

  7. Asymmetric skirt
     Asymmetric skirt
    Nothing like the wrap-around style to define curves, while the asymmetric cut and opening allow for ease of movement. Prioritize fabrics that fall softly and choose prints carefully. The knot at the hip will also create the illusion of a smaller waist.

  9. Ruffled blouse
    Ruffled blouse
    Ruffles are great to add volume on the top half or lower of your body to make you look more proportional. Tops, shirts or t-shirts are less risky and easier to mix and match with other pieces.

  11. Bermudas
    This high-rise version tied at the waist is best to flatter your figure.
    Be fun! Go for pastel shades or bright colours such as Indian red or saffron yellow. Try it with a crop or loose top; even Keira Knightley will want to emulate your style!

  13. Flared jeans
    flared jeans
    Jeans are essential, even during the summer. Go for the 70s vibe and try a flared cut to balance out your silhouette. Mid-rise is ideal, and both tall and short women can perfectly pull these off. The latter group can wear platforms or heeled booties to elongate the figure.

  15. Jumpsuit
    The ultimate summer essential that can’t be missing from your wardrobe. If you still need reasons to adopt this piece, read on: it’s day and night friendly, and it streamlines the silhouette like no other garment. It’s super comfortable (unless you need to nip to the loo), and the playsuit version is like your second summer dress. Worth a try!


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