Myth-busting age-related fashion myths

16 April, 2021

Any age is the perfect age to look stylish! From chic looks to sporty outfits, we believe what’s important is to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Today we bust “those” 5 myths about how to dress over 40 that you should forget.

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Can I wear a mini skirt if I am over 40 years old?

Of course you can! A miniskirt is a timeless piece of clothing, perfect at any age. At Lookiero we always keep a place for it in our wardrobe (and our hearts!).

We believe that your choice of clothes doesn’t depend on your age, but on how you combine them in order to get an elegant and sophisticated look.

Mini skirts are feminine and romantic. They are a must for the Spring and Summer, and perfect for the good weather!
Mini skirts are versatile and can be ideal for both formal occasions and informal gatherings. We really think they are a must-have in your wardrobe at any age!

How to choose the perfect mini skirt?
Regardless of your age, these tips will help you choose the mini skirt that’s just right for you:

  • Go for high-waisted skirts, which are slimming and flattering. If you have naturally long legs, try out different lengths and styles of skirt until you find the one that suits you best.
  • Pencil mini skirts are ideal for an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Mini skirts in plain colours are easier to combine and are generally more flattering than printed ones.
  • The shoes you choose will define your look. Our recommendation? Finish off your look with some heels or comfortable wedges to visually add a few extra inches to your legs.

This year, we are seeing asymmetric and wrap skirts everywhere, and encourage you to try them for your next stylish look!

Should I cover my arms, now that I’m 50?

Have you ever wondered this? Well, of course we don’t agree: we believe we should all show off our arms without worry whenever we feel like it!

Know your body shape, choose your strong points and flaunt them! Short-sleeve tops and blouses are a must for this season and a great way to show off your arms.

If you prefer not to highlight your arms, you don’t have to wear only long sleeves:

  • Try French or three-quarter sleeves, which is a very elegant solution that not only elevates your look, but also slims your arms
  • Choose tops in light, flowy fabrics which won’t cling to the skin
  • Wear tops with off-the-shoulder or V necklines. These cuts are not only stylish and flattering but also very on trend this season.
  • Ruffles are another trend this season, and we encourage you to try them! But if you’re worried about increasing the volume in the arm area, remember to opt for plain and simple sleeves.

Another tip when wearing strappy tops or dresses is to carry a scarf that you can use to cover part of your arms, such as a slip dress with a silk scarf. Another flattering alternative is to follow many celebrities and wear your dresses over a short-sleeved t-shirt. It might feel a bit odd at first, but once you try it, it will become one of your favourite looks!

Now that I’m 40, should I only wear clothes that are classic and elegant?

Who said that you should stop wearing what you love just because of your age? At Lookiero we want to dispel this idea. We know that you can be trendy at 40, or at any age! For example, a look of biker, mini skirt and trainers can be rocked by a woman of any age.

We believe that style is not associated with age, but with the personality and attitude of each person.

How can I avoid slipping into boring style, now that I am 30/40/50?

Forget about wearing the same clothes all the time and follow our tips to make every day an adventure.

Don’t reject the classics! They’ll never go out of style and can be a fantastic base look to lift with a few trendy pieces. A blouse with puff sleeves, a pair of mom fit jeans, a trench or a pair of mule shoes can be some of the items that stand out in a classic look. This is a failsafe technique that our Personal Shoppers use regularly!

Trends are only for millennials

Have you ever heard this? We definitely don’t approve, and we have our reasons!

We firmly believe that trends have nothing to do with age. In fact, you can be just as fashionable at 50 or 40 as you were at 30, if not more! In reality, it’s all about knowing how to adapt each trend to your personal style.

Some trendy clothes can be difficult to wear at any age! This can be the case, for example, with wide leg trousers or sports shorts.

  • Choose trendy cuts that are easy to combine. For example, an oversized white shirt with some mom fit trousers and trainers. A simple and comfortable look, but with a nod to the trend: feel good, look good!
  • If you opt for wide leg trousers, one of this season’s must-haves, wear them with a cami and a biker jacket; this is a simple way to enjoy this trend while adding a sensual and sophisticated twist to your look.
  • Tickled pink! Choose for this seasonal colour for a tailored suit in a powdered pink shade. And what about your shoes? Choose some minimal trainers for a more casual look or a pair of stilettos for a more dressed-up look – it’s up to you!

Can I wear denim, leather or pleather if I am over 50?

It is about time that we bust this myth! If jeans are your thing and you’re passionate about leather and pleather materials, there is no reason not to continue enjoying your style, no matter your age.

Denim and leather are two basic, timeless and functional fabrics that we can always count on when we need a quick, impactful outfit. Why give them up? What’s more, they are versatile and adapt well to all styles, allowing for a thousand combinations, from the most casual looks to the most sophisticated. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they suit every woman, regardless of their age and body shape.

How to combine denim and leather or pleather at any age?

Put these tips into practice to keep creating the most stylish looks, whatever your age.

  • Do you want a comfortable but sophisticated look? Combine a denim shirt with a silk vest and a midi skirt. Add a wicker bag and espadrilles and you’ve got it!
  • Skinny jeans and an oversized white shirt are always a winning combination. Add a special touch by knotting a silk scarf around your neck and wearing camel-coloured pumps – simple but very flattering!
  • Rescue your black biker jacket and wear it with a pair of culotte jeans, which are so on trend. Add a navy T-shirt and some Converse. A perfect casual-street look to make the most of any day.

If you have a pair of coated trousers, it’s time to take them out of your wardrobe and wear them with a slogan t-shirt and a blazer (and even better if it has shoulder pads). A touch of red lipstick and you’re ready to face the music!

Do you want to put some of these tips into practice? Ask your Personal Shopper to include some of these clothes in your next Lookiero. Your Personal Shopper can ensure that all these great looks are just one Lookiero away!

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