Outfit Ideas for Job Interviews for Your Industry

11 September, 2018

Somehow, fall has crept round already, which means the summer season is over. More often than not, this is the perfect time to start pursuing new opportunities and thinking about the next chapter in your life. In addition, after some downtime during the summer, this often gives us time to reflect and an urge to try new things, switch things up and take our lives in a new direction.


When it comes to interviewing for new roles, your appearance is key to making that all important first impression. Did you know that an employer typically decides whether they will hire you or not within 2 seconds of meeting you? This provides all the more reason to impress from the word go, and create the perfect image for your industry…



Most roles in the health sector require you to wear a uniform, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort for your initial interview. We suggest going for something smart-casual, that you feel comfortable and confident in. A pair of loose-fitting pants with a tie waist or paper bag waist is perfect, teamed with a simple T to add a pop of colour and personality.




Generally, the education industry favours a more laid back look from day to day, which allows those that work in education to show a little more of their personal style. This industry is a little less rigid, which means you can be a little more relaxed with your interview outfit.


Create balance with your look, striking the perfect professional yet laid-back look. We love a flowy floral print skirt, paired with a pink top and grey blazer, to create a balanced look for an interview in the education sector.





Office wear can be tricky to master, particularly if you’re going into an office that you’ve never been before. Dress codes vary from place to place, so it’s best to play it safe for your interview, until you have a better idea of what’s deemed appropriate and not so appropriate in your new role.


Go for something smart and simple, such as a well fitted white shirt, a pair of less formal beige pants and a blazer. This is a well-balanced look that will ensure you look smart but stylish too.




If you’re going for a role in management or admin, just like for executive roles it’s a good idea to play it safe for your interview. To make a great first impression, opt for something smart. This doesn’t mean that you can’t show your personality and unique sense of style. Try going for a black shirt, with added ruffles to show your feminine side, paired with checkered trousers to add a print in a smart and traditional way.


When you get that first impression right, you go a long way toward helping yourself land your dream job. Start with your outfit – when you feel confident, you will come across as confident too.








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