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Outfits for an Autumn weekend getaway

29 October, 2019

It’s time to get your suitcase packed and go on that getaway that you really wanted. London, Rome, Paris… whatever your destination may be putting together a suitcase for your trip is never an easy task. This is why we’ve put together a guide to looks for an Autumn weekend getaway, read on to discover our recommendations...

Look to travel to London

In the year 1914 the iconic London design house Burberry created their signature trench and since then it has become an ever present item in our wardrobes. You have to include a trench in your suitcase if your decide to visit the English capital. Pair it with a burgundy coloured shirt and a black turtleneck knit jumper and add a touch of trendiness with some zebra print skinny jeans.

Complete your look with some white sneakers you can walk through the city in or some black heeled booties to go to dinner. As you can see a very versatile look for either day or night and an idea autumn travel outfit.

Look to travel to Rome

If you are traveling to the Italian capital, our proposition is a comfortable and autumny look perfect to spend time around the city full of style.

Add three fundamental basics: a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a camel coloured biker. Add a trendy touch with bi coloured print jumper that will add luminosity to your face and a neutral toned scarf to give it all a punch of colour.

Look to travel to Paris


Paris, the city of fashion. I’m sure that many of you when thinking of Parisian style the first thing that comes to mind is a striped navy top, a silk scarf, some jeans and a barrett

You are not far off, Parisians have a very well balanced style, neutral coloured, basic pieces with classic and iconic accessories. This is why our proposal is to add a white shirt to your suitcase, some dark skinny jeans, a navy jumper and long navy blue coat - your Paris travel wardrobe sorted. Give it feminine and chic touch with a silk scarf and some oxford type shoes.

Look to travel to Berlín

If you are travelling to Berlin, get yourself a casual chic style outfit. A denim shirt, a knitted camel coloured jumper and some plaid trousers.

There you have it -four amazing autumn travel outfits for four wonderful destinations. Heading somewhere else this autumn? These looks can work for a number of city breaks, or if you want some extra advice, just ask the Lookiero stylists.

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