The perfect fashion gift this Christmas

4 December, 2019

Thinking about what to gift this Christmas? Hunting for those perfect Christmas gifts can be quite daunting. This is why at Lookiero we want to present you the option to gift not only fashion, but great style; the Lookiero gift which card includes the services of a personal shopper, will dazzle your loved one!

If you want to get a gift card, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter and click on the “gift card” section in the main menu.

  3. In the “gift card” section, pick from one of the three types of card: physical, printable or digital gift card.

    gift card

  5. Configure your card with the amount you prefer: 50, 100, 200, 300 or 500 pounds.

Gifting style has never been this easy!

In addition, if you want to have your gift card wrapped in a special way, there are four DIY options to add that personal touch.

Wrap 1: Christmas flower

For those of you who are not very ‘artsy-crafty’, this is our suggestion.ç

What’s needed?

  • A poinsettia plant
  • Envelope and calligraphic marker
  • Wooden clamp and flower pot

    How to do it

    Wrap 2: Special firecracker

    For those who want to really gift with a bang, use glossy paper to wrap up the gift card.

    What’s needed?

  • Glossy paper
  • Tape or string
  • Velvet ribbon

    How to do it

    Wrap 3: Gift Car

    For those who dare to get creative, we have a fun, innovative idea to wrap your gift card.

    What’s needed?

  • Kraft paper and a cello tape
  • Felt pens
  • Twine and a small Christmas tree

    How to do it

    Wrap 4: Angel Bag

    This is an option those who dare to take the arts up a notch, you will definitely wow your loved one.

    What’s needed?

  • Paper bag
  • Decorative angel and a safety pin
  • Velvet ribbon and a hole puncher
  • Calligraphic marker pen

    How to do it

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