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How to dress if you are curvy

6 April, 2022

Your restyled Lookiero now features more styles and is more personalised to you than ever before. So it’s a great time to take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for wearing plus sizes.

Find your perfect look

If you wear a size 42 or above, you have so many options and so many great ways to get the very most from them. Take a look at our key style points, our do’s and don’ts for the best ways to wear plus sizes.

  • Go for V-neck tops
  • Choose mono colour styles
  • Opt for three-quarter length-sleeves
  • Add in some maxi accessories
  • Wear fluid pieces that lengthen your figure
  • Embrace smooth or micro-print colours
  • Select straight trousers
  • Avoid oversize, loose or unstructured garments
  • Stay away from pieces with lots of volume.
  • Ditch pleated skirts or trousers.
  • Say no to metallic or shiny pieces.
  • Don’t go for layers.
  • Bin the boyfriend jeans.
  • Shun very short pieces like cropped blazers, tops, jackets. schemes

Make plus sizes work for you

Let’s find the right pieces to flatter your silhouette. Look for short pieces, colours and prints that accentuate your curves and create a harmonious and proportioned figure. Here are some no-fail options that are a must-have for your wardrobe.

Ideal dresses for curvy women

  • Go for cross-cut and short-length dresses.
  • Choose mono-colour dresses to stylise your silhouette.
  • Embrace mini prints or vertical stripes.

Which tops look best on curvy women?

  • Try out fluid and steamy tops with v-necks.
  • Highlight your waist with straight or fitted tops.
  • Opt for peplum cut tops or blouses, with a subtle flounce at the bottom.
  • Flattering trousers and jeans for curvy women

    • Add fluid, straight-cut, skinny trousers.
    • Avoid trousers with side pockets that add volume to the hips
    • Complement straight-cut trousers with slim tops.
    • Pair tight trousers with straight tops to create a harmonious, proportioned silhouette.
    • Plump for high-throw trousers to show off your curves in real style.

    Curvy celebrities with inspiring styles

    Fortunately, we have more and more curvy women to look up to.From Nicki Minaj, who has made her curves a sign of identity; the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson or even much younger women like Barbie Ferreira, one of the actresses of the TV series Euphoria that has been so much talked about in recent times.

    All of them are a great example of how to accept your body and show it off in the best way. Just how we love it at Lookiero!

    Great look ideas for curvy women

    Here are some ideas for looks from our Personal Shoppers to enhance your figure if you are a curvy girl.

    You can also use your Personal Shopper’s look cards as a style guide: they are a fantastic starting point to help you create and combine outfits that have been tailored to your figure.

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