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Premium brands you can find in your Lookiero

10 August, 2022

At Lookiero we are constantly looking for improvement and one of the best ways is by listening to the opinions of our clients. More and more of you prioritise quality over quantity and you are looking for timeless pieces to add to your wardrobes.

Of course, we have taken this feedback into account and have recently created a selection of Premium Brands, all of which are known for their high quality finishes and which we believe are an investment for your wardrobe. Our team of Personal Shoppers has carefully chosen them to get the best selection in terms of quality and price, so that you can always have the best possible experience.

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Known worldwide for its denim clothing, the American brand Levi’s was the first to take this fabric out of the factories to make it one of the most popular and versatile options for casual wear. This brand stands for innovation, quality and durability. It also has models that adapt to all styles and morphologies and, for this reason, Levi’s had to be among our premium brands. Nothing like a pair of their jeans to ensure a piece of clothing that will last forever.

What Levi’s clothes you can find in your Lookiero

Of course, in Lookiero you will find a selection of jeans, in different sizes and models. From the classic skinny jeans, so requested by our customers, made with cotton and a minimum amount of elastane that allows the fabric to be comfortable and adapt to your body, to the slim, straight leg and high waist jeans. The denim jacket of your dreams can also be found here: it’s a must-have for spring and autumn, has a timeless fit and a fabric that will last for years. And, of course, their classic cotton T-shirts, perfect for everyday and almost any casual occasion. If you’re a casual woman who likes to be comfortable but still look fashionable and up to date with the latest trends and fits, Levi’s is definitely the brand for you.


Contemporary French brand IKKS will have you, like us, falling immediately at their feet. Starting with luxe fabrics and simple cuts, the IKKS aesthetic is easy to adapt for both staples and iconic pieces. French style is envied and copied throughout the world, and our selection from IKKS will allow us to get our hands on fresh, timeless styles with a more daring twist to bring that urban French look to your wardrobe that we know you’ll get a lot of use out of.

What IKKS clothes you can find in your Lookiero

T-shirts, printed blouses, jeans… everything an unstoppable and modern woman like you needs in her day to day life. And in a wide colour palette, with tones ranging from neutrals like beige and khaki to more daring trendy options like red and fuchsia. Perfect for those of our customers who love a casual street style full of energy and a touch of rock!


Nümph is a new star in the firmament of Scandinavian women’s fashion. It has managed to convince young fashion victims as well as their trendy mothers. Her T-shirts and blouses are at once delicate and feminine, and her dresses reflect the passion of these Danish designers. Their designs are full of details that reflect their references: retro, vintage and 80’s, but brought to the present day. Let yourself be seduced by their prints, cuts and elaborate patterns.

What Nümph clothes you can find in your Lookiero

If you love to play with fashion and show your personality through it, Nümph is made for you. Long summer dresses, T-shirts and tops in which it is impossible to go unnoticed. For this reason, we believe it is one of our most versatile Premium Brands as it is the perfect choice to include a little colour and a more special piece in a simple and casual wardrobe; to please those with a rocker soul; and even to become one of the go-to brands for those who are looking for a style that is out of ordinary.


Created in 2006, See U soon is the perfect blend of chic and uninhibited fashion, always halfway between vintage and avant-garde trends. Simple, natural and feminine lines that brim with romanticism. The perfect companion to let a bit of Parisian bohemian flair into your wardrobe, with garments full of creativity and French elegance. A new “couture day” spirit that will make you look feminine and fashionable whatever the occasion.

What See U Soon clothes you can find in your Lookiero

In your Lookiero you can find some of the best pieces of See U Soon: printed blouses, trousers and dresses. All of them, with a french boho style that fits perfectly with other styles like casual, classic or urban. The perfect complement to show the world your most feminine, trendy and original side.


Combine Scandinavian heritage, wearable aesthetics and a bit of utilitarian Copenhagen street style and you get the DNA of Samsøe Samsøe. Their collections go beyond any fast-paced trend and draw on Danish design tradition to create minimalist, accessible and affordable pieces to conquer wardrobes across Scandinavia. They are always committed to top quality fabrics, with practical and functional details and iconic fits that make everyday garments authentic pieces of contemporary art full of sophistication.

What Samsøe Samsøe clothes you can find in your Lookiero

Samsøe Samsøe designs keep up with you. They can effortlessly take you from your 9am meeting to afterwork or even slip into your suitcase for that weekend getaway. Plus, they work just as well on their own as they do for layering, perfect for seasonal changes. Timeless, functional and sophisticated: everything you could want for your wardrobe. For our selection, we have chosen timeless pieces, such as their plain shirts in high quality fabrics, and printed garments with which to give a twist to any basic outfit. A brand that fits our urban women who like to show their feminine and original side without being tied to trends.

Other premium brands you can find in your Lookiero

We know that each of our woman is unique and unrepeatable and we want her Lookiero to reflect her spirit. That is why our catalogue of Premium Brands keeps growing every day and, in your Lookiero, you could find clothes from brands such as Sessun, Liujo or La Petite Française, great brands recognised throughout Europe by trend hunters and some of the favourites of our Personal Shoppers. Do you want to take a look at their collections? Here is a sample of what you could find in your clothing personalised box:



La Petite Francaise

How you can order premium brands in your Lookiero

At Lookiero we are always happy to accommodate our clients’ requests. So, if you would like to receive clothes from any of these brands in your next Lookiero, just update your style profile and add a comment for your Personal Shopper indicating your preferences or the brands you like the most: she will be more than happy to send you the items that are perfect for you and your style and that can fit with those clothes you already have in your wardrobe from previous boxes!

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