How to dress if you have a rectangular body shape ?

9 July, 2020

The rectangular body shape is characterized by a straight silhouette with not many curves, shoulders and hips of similar width, little to no waist definition and very long legs.

  • The shoulders, chest and hip are fairly uniform.
  • There are not much curves
  • This type of rectangular silhouette can bee seen in actresses like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman or Anne Hathaway.

Style tips for women with a rectangular body shape

Always try to cinch your waist: Belts are your best allies, don’t forget it!
Play with optical effects that help you create volumes in your body: Layering will help, keep it in mind!
Avoid oversized or extra wide garments as they are not flattering. Straight cuts must be eliminated from your wardrobe.

How to dress if you have a rectangle silhouette

Dresses and skirts for a rectangle body shape

skirt for rectangular body shape

  • Flared styles. Slim at the waist and A line cuts
  • With belt or tied at the waist
  • Ruffles on the shoulders
  • Puff sleeves

Jeans and trousers for a rectangle body

trousers for rectangular body shape

Shirts with Japanese style sleeves. Their angular cut adds proportion to the shoulder area.
top for rectangular body shape

  • Culotte style trousers
  • Flared jeans.
  • High rise
  • Trousers with open clip, to slightly widen the hip.

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