Resolutions for the new season

6 September, 2018

Ready for the new season?

September, like January is a month to set new goals, resolutions and challenges for our personal and professional life. At Lookiero we have some resolutions related to our wardrobe and other topics that we would like to share. These are resolutions that we have vowed to do for ourselves that we think will make our life (and yours) much easier!

Let’s take a look!

-Colour is the new black, summer is still not completely over! Getting back to work to mean we have to ban colour from our wardrobe. There are still plenty of warm and sunny days in which colours and prints will be your go-to. Give black a rest for now!

Our suggestion, a white top combined with floral print trousers as well as a red denim jacket that will help us give the outfit that finishing touch.



-Long live summer dresses! Getting back into routine doesn’t mean we have to go back to our regular uniform of a blouse, trousers and blazer. Most of our favourite summer dresses are perfectly useful in the chillier months. Wear them in combination with a biker and switch sandals for botties. And there you go, the perfect outfit for in-between weather!



-Make jumpsuits your best ally: Jumpsuits can become your number one clothing piece this autumn. You can make this clothing piece as formal or casual as you need depending on how you accessorise it. This option will get you out if the endless cycle of trousers, pants and blazer and you will be dressed in one simple step!


- If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, why should we have to put away our favourite bold lipstick? Just because we are back to our everyday routine in the city? No. For gloomier days, give your lips a pop a colour that will make sure to make a difference in your daily outfit. Don’t push aside bright colours just because of the change of weather.

- Why say goodbye to afternoon drinks? Complaining about our routine is almost mandatory, but it’s usually ourselves that make it this boring. Okay, so it isn't 30 degrees outside, and all hours of the day are not available any more. But if you carry a light jacket or scarf in your bag to face the chillier afternoon weather, getting out of work and taking that break with friends will make getting back from holiday that much easier.

- Getting serious about “wearing everything in your wardrobe”. How many times have we opened our drawers and even though it is overflowing with clothes we always face the same dilemma, we have nothing to wear. This is the moment that we promise ourselves that “from now on I’m going to make full use of all of my clothes. Take advantage when switching your wardrobe from summer to winter to go over all your clothing.



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Resolutions for the new season

10 October, 2018
It would be great to have a link to buy clothes shown in the blog

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