What is rock style ?

20 January, 2021

What is rock style, and when did it go mainstream?

What must-have pieces do you need to channel your inner rock goddess? We’ve got some hits and misses and inspiration from icons like Kate Moss. Let’s turn up the volume.

What is rock chic?

Music has always been a key source of inspiration for the fashion world, and of all music genres, rock has shouted the loudest.

Rock is suffused with a style and attitude that have become a key style influence for the masses. It’s a groundbreaking style, that strays further from a classic and minimal aesthetic by combining more risqué and daring pieces.

Fashion powerhouses like Balmain have embraced rock chic by adding studs, sequins, and faux leather into some of their most famous pieces and collections

Where did rock style start?

Rock was born in the ‘50s in the United States. A rich group of artists mixed a variety of folklore styles. Elvis Presley, Elvis, the King of Rock & Roll, or simply the King, transformed Rock into a trend. An attitude that transformed everything.

This not only inspired a change in fashion, but it made what we now call rock-style fashionable. Flared pants, bikers and tight shirts were some of Elvis’ most characteristic looks and many fans adopted his style! And we still follow it to this day.

What are the key looks in rock chic?

We’ll look at three main elements in rock chic.

  • Feel the rock chic. Fabrics are a big part of your look. Choose faux leather, patent leather and of course, denim. The undisputed King of rock chic.
  • Cut from a different cloth. Key to your rock chic are slim-fitting pieces or those with a straight cut. Keep it simple.
  • Paint it black. Dark shades are clear favourites with blacks, greys and maroons stealing the limelight for your rock chic. Be bold and add animal print – especially leopard print!

Nail your rock chic with these must-have pieces

  • Keep your motor running with the classic black biker jacket. Style never gets old.
  • Shout out your tastes with a printed t-shirt for your favourite band.
  • Cut an impressive figure in skinny trousers in either denim or faux leather.
  • Stamp your style in black boots, especially if they’re sharp.

Hits and misses of rock chic

  • Choose accessories like chokers, edgy earrings, cool hats and sunglasses
  • Wear an unbuttoned shirt as an overshirt.
  • Own the night in a satin slip dress and combine it with a biker jacket, or some shiny accessories.
  • Stay away from oversized or big pieces! This is not the ‘90s.
  • Avoid pastel colours and muted palettes. You need more attitude than that.
  • Stay away from frills. That’s really not the vibe you;re going for.

Take a look at rock chic icons

One name stands out above all others as a reference for rock chic. British model Kate Moss gives all her looks a laid-back, chic twist, something that’s turned her into the fashion icon she is today.

We’re always seeing her biker jackets, animal print overcoats, skinny black trousers, hats and maxi glasses! Others, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Mara are fans of this style, and their looks are great inspo for your own rock-chic outfits!

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