What sandals are in this summer? lookiero

What sandals are in this summer?

15 June, 2022

When summer comes, closed shoes take a secondary place in our wardrobe and sandals get all the attention. Who doesn’t want to keep their feet fresh anywhere?

However, sandals are no different from shoes when it comes to creating a stylish outfit; the shape, the colour and even the materials can make all the difference. If you want to be ready for every occasion from head to toe, keep reading; we give you the keys to find the pair of sandals you are looking for.

What sandals are trending this summer?

As Summer approaches, we want to look at the trends in terms of sandals. Like every year, every taste will be satisfied: if the pandemic has taught something, it is that we want to be comfortable when it comes to shoes, so the flat sandals will be a big yes. Great news for ladies who prefer not wearing high heels!

In addition to that, you may opt for simple designs or for more complicated ones, with straps, laces and printed inserts, according to how much support you need and how much you would like your shoes to stand out. As usual, the raffia platform sandals are experiencing a comeback; they are romantic and casual, but also very versatile. You can wear them with jeans or a dress, and they will look fantastic all the same.

Furthermore, Chunky sandals are not leaving our wardrobes for the time being, as we are still seeing them on the runways declined in flat or medium-high heels. The real fashionistas that may be reading us can’t miss this trend: sandals with sculpture heels. We’ve seen them in many runways, such as Loewe or Jacquemus, and we are loving them. The shoes, in this case, become a work of art. They may not seem really comfortable, but they sure are beautiful.

Now, whether you are eyeing a fantastic pair of sandals or you already got them sitting in your shoe cabinet, you may be wondering how to style them exactly to make the most out of them. Let’s see what our Personal Shoppers have to say:

Our Personal Shoppers’ choice of sandals

Our Personal Shoppers have made a special shoe pick for our Lookiero women. The perfect pair for every look: take inspiration from this list for your next seasonal shopping!

Flats: comfort and style

How to combine flat sandals?

These sandals are perfect for everyday looks, and you may combine them with shorts and a T-shirt. Complete the look with a denim jacket, and you’ll be ready for every occasion.

They are perfect if…

You have wide feet, as you will encounter far fewer problems when choosing the ones that don’t hurt you or cause you discomfort.

flats lookiero

Raffia platforms for a seaside look

How to combine raffia platforms?

Our suggestion is to enhance the feminine style of these shoes by combining them with a colourful floral dress. Opt for a blazer if you want to go for a chic touch.

They are perfect if…

You want to achieve a refined look, but you are not used to high heels. They offer full support and are easier to walk in.

Raffia platforms lookiero

Chunky sandals for a cool street style

How to combine chunky sandals?

We love these sandals both with denim or tailored pants. We suggest you wear them with wide leg denim trousers, a t-shirt and a colourful biker. Urban as ever!

They are perfect if…

Your feet are small, as chunky sandals will make them appear bigger and more balanced. Besides, they are so comfortable, you won’t miss trainers at all.

Chunky sandals lookiero

Heeled sandals for an elegant look

How to combine heeled sandals?

These are the perfect choice when you want to feel feminine but be comfortable at the same time. The medium high heel is perfect for the day and for the evening. We suggest styling them with a skirt and a lingerie top. Then, if you need it, add a denim jacket for the day, or a blazer for the night look.

They are perfect if…

Your feet are slim, and you need extra support around the ankle. This way you can walk confidently without losing your sandals every few steps.

Heeled sandals lookiero

While white and nude are trending and black is always in style, don’t be afraid to add a touch of colour to your sandals. Both pastel and pop hues are in, and in combination with different materials like PU or straw, they can make your outfit really stand out. Who said shoes had to be boring?

In any case, remember to take care of your feet, as they will have to work all day long and take you anywhere you want. Choose a pair that suits the shape of your feet to avoid having to call it quits in the middle of your summer plans.

Now you have the cues from our Personal Shoppers when it comes to choosing and combining sandals. We hope you feel inspired to try different ways to create fantastic summer outfits that include your shoe wear. We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

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Describe your foot shape and we'll tell you which sandals to wear this summer Lookiero

Describe your foot shape and we'll tell you which sandals to wear this summer


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