Style Guide: What to wear when you're tall

Style Guide: What to wear when you're tall

12 May, 2022

At what point can we consider ourselves “tall”?

If you are 5’9” or taller, you clearly fall into this category. By now you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to find clothes in the regular section. This is because, in general, most clothes are designed to fit women up to that height (which is where the majority of the women in the UK and the rest of Europe fit).

However, when choosing the clothes that best suit your figure, you should not only take into account your height, as you may have little in common with other tall women, apart from long legs. In fact, the usual morphology categories of triangle, hourglass or rectangle body shape apply in exactly the same way.

Here, we’re simply going to give you some tips on how to make the most of your tall figure.

Style tips for tall women


Yes to No to
Trousers that enhance your legs Monochromatic looks tend to elongate the silhouette
Short tops to structure the silhouette Oversized tops that will make your silhouette heavier
Maxi and midi lengths Mini skirts, exaggerate the length of your legs disproportionately
Colours and patterns Plain look: A glam girl enjoys dressing up. Even if it’s a colour blocking look she will add her magic touch. She loves looking pretty and standing out.
Long outer garments Vertical stripes, accentuating the length


How to dress if you are tall

The key is to balance out your silhouette and structure it to obtain a harmonious figure, enhancing the advantages of your body: we want to enhance your legs and highlight the waist.

Flattering looks for tall girls

Our Personal Shoppers offer you some outfit ideas that will fit you like a glove if you are a tall woman.

Remember that when you receive your Lookiero, you will get some look cards with flattering combinations that fit your personal features.

Most flattering dresses for tall women

Your best allies in terms of dresses are undoubtedly the maxi-dresses: they are made for you!
Why? they make your legs look great, balance out your shape and are super comfortable. Also the midi cut dresses are ideal to show off your legs in an elegant way and playing with the proportions of your body.

Which tops are best suited to tall women?

Opt for tops that do not go below the hip as it makes you look longer than necessary. Blouses or shirts that land right on the hip are best for your proportions. Way more flattering than extra-long tops.

Do play with colours and prints: drawing attention to your upper body is a perfect trick if you feel unsure about your legs.

The best jeans and trousers for tall women

The two extremes will be your best allies: skinny jeans and palazzos. The skinny jeans are perfect to show off your legs and enhance their length and the cut and fit of palazzo trousers further streamlines the legs and the silhouette in general.
You can always wear flats without worrying about the hem touching the ground. They enhance the length of the legs and can be mixed and match in a myriad of ways, achieving different styles.

Celebrities over 5’10” with inspiring styles

Sometimes it is difficult to find references for our everyday outfits. However, in the world of fashion and cinema you can find many examples of women who are over 5’10”.

Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah and Gigi Hadid are three examples of women of very different ages, figures and styles who have known how to adapt their looks by making their height a plus.


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