Stylish and Timeless Investment Pieces For the New Season

10 January, 2019

This time of year is great for picking up some amazing pieces for great prices. Invest in a few key staple pieces with up to 50% off the marked retail price - in making smart decisions now, you can create a hard-working wardrobe for the year ahead and further, for much less than you might usually have to spend.

Read on to discover our guide to help you choose pieces of quality that will stand the test of time. Our personal shoppers reveal all with a simple list of different clothing options according to each unique sense of style.


Classic style:

A neutral coloured blazer: It will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Perfect for pairing with a white shirt or fitted dress with ankle boots.

Tie neck blouse: An item that will definitely be on-trend next season and that will add a feminine touch to either your work or off-duty look.

Chequered skirt: A renewed classic that you will be able to pair with a simple blouse or fine knit jumper for any occasion.

Black flowy trousers: Adds an elegant touch that will allow you step up your day-to-day outfit game. Pair it with a high neck jumper and a pair of loafers.

Bicoloured v-neck jumper: Without a doubt a stylish item that makes a statement. Pair it with some skinny jeans or some chino pants for your days off.



Boho style:

Long floral dress: A wardrobe must-have. You can wear it in the winter with a pair of boots and a jumper on top, or team with sandals in the summer.

Knitted sweater: A timeless piece that will add a carefree touch to your looks. Perfect in a neutral colour to play it up or down with accessories.

Knitted cardigan: It has endless possibilities and is without a doubt a wardrobe staple. During the winter you can wear it under your coat to wrap up warm, and as a light coverup in hotter weather.

Crossbody bag: A comfortable accessory that allows you to carry all your necessities wherever you go.

Cotton scarf: Another timeless piece that you should always have on hand. You can play with different ways you can wear it, if you need some inspiration you can check out our Instagram video on “Different ways to wear a scarf”


Night style:

Biker: An outerwear clothing item that is perfect to invest in. If you already own a black one don’t be scared to add a coloured one you can purchase on sale.

Shimmery top: A must have that can you can throw on with any going-out outfit. Also, you can always use it in your day-to-day life by pairing it with jeans, achieving a stylish casual outfit.

Black dress: A staple piece and one of the most used styles when it comes to a special occasion and evening events. A little black dress is always a good option.

Black pencil skirt: It hugs your curves in all the right places and is perfect for dinners on the weekends. Giving these types of skirts a try is always a good choice - try pairing it with a lace top and some maxi earrings.

Black faux leather bag: The most used accessory when we are going out at night. That's why investing in a good quality bag is always a good investment.



Street casual

Jeans: A good pair of jeans is the perfect investment for any wardrobe that identifies with this style. Pair it with a shirt, t-shirt, blouse… The possibilities are endless!

Checkered shirt: A trend that we still see on any street and in some way never dies. It’s time to hop on this trend.

Sweatshirt: Give your outfits a casual touch with a either basic or print sweatshirt. Pair it with a denim skirt or jeans and pair trainers and achieve that casual street style.

Scarf: Checkered, plain, knitted, wool… whichever you choose will perfect for your wardrobe.

Trench coat: If it’s cotton or waterproof it will be perfect for the in-between weather season. A must have that never fails to look chic.


V neck striped shirt: The perfect basic piece for those that favour a minimal style. You’ll probably be able to pair it with anything in your closet.

Checkered trousers: The star piece in any look that you can pair with any neutral basics.

Black trench: A timeless piece that is a must in your wardrobe. With an elegant touch that will make your looks more stylish.

Mini skirt: Give it a try in a different colour to take you slightly outside of your comfort zone. Make it the main piece by combining it with neutral pieces.

White shirt: It’s perfect in any of its versions. Pair it with a skirt, trousers, under a jumper...It doesn’t matter how many you have, the more the better.


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Mrs Tina L Cross;
11 January, 2019
I prefer to be comfortable due to disabilities I suffer with various illnesses and I like to wear jeans, jumpsuits, boots, leggings, trainers, t-shirt, jumpers, a smallish heel on footwear, size 18 - - 20 but to be honest I am not very good with colour coordination, I just wear black or dark colours.
Eleanor Bartram;
17 January, 2019
I felt the same friends told me that if it wasn't that there were a couple of skirts in my wardrobe it could belong to a (rather boring) man...all black, dark blue and grey. My first selection of clothes all fitted me, and my lifestyle, but I am happy to say that I have received some different colours. They are not scary colours, just that little bit out of my usual palette. I am no expert ( really, I am not!) but I think that you should stick with the styles that you are comfortable with and fabrics that do not require special care; try different colours. My stylist got mine right, which must have been based on my profile and my preferences. You may be pleasantly surprised....I was!
Marie Draper;
18 June, 2019
I don’t like bright colours at all, I love black beige and greys brown and a dark blueberry and I love army green, I am a mum but my daughter is 28 herself so just to let you know this, I love jean and short jackets and long tops like vest type and v shirts, I love to feel comfortable but trendy, and my skirts have to be long and straight, I hope this helps, thank you

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