The ultimate guide to jumpsuits

The ultimate guide to jumpsuits

18 July, 2022

The jumpsuit has become a frequently used piece of clothing, and it’s no wonder why. Easy to wear and combine, this garment makes being ready easy without having to wear a dress. As a result, there are now jumpsuits in many styles, cuts and fabrics. So, the good news is, there is a perfect jumpsuit for you out there, regardless of your body type.

If you want to embrace the most hassle-free garment of them all, check out our guide and get ready to welcome your next favourite outfit into your wardrobe.

Style tips to pick the perfect jumpsuit for you

The jumpsuit is one of the most loved garments of recent years, perfect for any occasion thanks to its intrinsic elegance and its extrinsic originality. A refined suit is suitable for infinite situations: for a ceremony, like weddings, first dates or a happy hour with friends, but also more formal occasions like business meetings. For any appointment that requires a good dose of charm, the jumpsuit is a perfect fit.

However, it is essential to know how to wear it well, respecting some basic fashion rules and knowing which models are best for your body type. The general rules according to your body shape are the same as choosing a top and trousers, with the particularity that they come together in the same piece.

combinaison ete tenue
combinaison tenue

Some quick tips to keep in mind: Opt for wide leg pants to minimise large hips, thin straps for wide shoulders, one colour and mini prints to appear taller and slimmer and maxi prints to enlarge and maximise. Choosing the fabrics is important because structured ones are going to add volume, while fluid fabrics will help you hide or minimise some parts of the body.

The best jumpsuits for plus-sized women

Everybody knows that black can create a very useful optical effect to slim and lengthen the figure. On top of that, if you apply black to both tops and bottoms, the result will be amazing. Avoid light colours that can highlight curves and go for a tight top with fluid wide leg pants. V-neck is ideal to allow for some breathability. Create continuity with black sandals and add a kimono for a touch of colour on your layers.

The best jumpsuits for petite women

The secret here lies in the colour. The light neutral tones palette is fantastic to create an optical effect that makes you appear taller. To get the most out of it, the best shades are white, ecru and all the sand hues. These shades can do more than widening your figure; they can also lengthen it. If you want to avoid the “widening” effect, emphasise the waistline with a belt or a knotted scarf; your body shape will benefit from this stylizing effect.

The best jumpsuits for rectangle silhouettes
With a rectangle or H-shaped morphology, your style asset is to recreate curves and volume games. This is why you can use rigid or well-structured materials, with a denim suit, for example, and add a belt to accentuate your waist. You’ll need to have volume both on the shoulders and on the hips to further enhance the waistline.
If you prefer fluid materials, go for original details, embossed pockets, maxi prints, ruffles, which will make your outfit and your silhouette more dynamic.

The best jumpsuits for tall women

A fire red, shocking pink or electric blue jumpsuit goes hand in hand with tall women. A body type that balances height and shape well could wear anything, but a chic jumpsuit chosen in a sparkling hue will give a playful touch that never hurts your outfit.

The palette to draw inspiration from is that of vitamin tints, no doubt. A concentration of pure energy that visually recalls the nutritional value of citrus fruits. Grapefruit pink, lime green, lemon yellow and orange red will dress anyone with pure energy. If you don’t feel comfortable with your height, you can opt for ¾ pants, because they will optically shorten the figure.

Still haven’t found the perfect jumpsuit for you? Ask your Personal Shopper for one when ordering your next Lookiero.

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