Top colour combinations for brunettes

Top colour combinations for brunettes

20 December, 2021

Need some help finding a colour palette that will enhance your natural beauty?

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The coldest season of the year is here and so is the desire of having a more glowing complexion. But do not bring your make-up bag yet, because we have good news for you. This effect can be achieved by choosing the colours that flatter our complexion the most.
Keep reading, because we will reveal all the secrets to identifying the best colour that suits you judging by your hair.

Colours for black hair

Take a good look at how your hair reflects the light. If your hair is quite dark, you may see that the reflections are bluish. This is the famous raven hair. People with this hair colour look their best when wearing intense, cool tones, especially close to their face.

Your colours of choice should be optic white, black, electric blue, bottle green or burgundy.

Colours for brown hair

On the other hand, brown reflections mean your hair tone is actually charcoal brown. Thus, to enhance it, you need to relay in warmer tones. For this winter, your colours will be terracotta, mustard, military green and beige.

However, within the shades of brown hair, we also find other hues that combine with different colours to expand the possibilities of outfits even more.

Perfect colours for ash brown hair

This hair naturally tends to grey hues, so cool colours from the summer palette will be quite flattering.

Perfect colours for ash brown hair

For example, bubblegum pink, mint green, greyish blue or pearl grey are all fantastic options. In case your hair colour is not so saturated, you can go for more intense colours like fuchsia, emerald green, stone grey or navy blue (all in the winter palette).

Ideal colours for dark brown hair

This hair colour is typical of people with summer harmonies. The secret to a perfect outfit are cool, powdery shades. For example, nude pink, cadet blue, lilac or white.

Ideal shades for dark brown hair

Flattering colours for golden brown hair

This is a dark honey colour that is commonly found in people with warm harmonies. So, to go with it, the best course of action is picking warm colours as well.

colours for golden brown hair

Your wardrobe should have a lot of beige, orange and gold. If your skin is also sensitive or has that porcelain skin look, you can also add more shiny colours such as coral, honey, peach or aquamarine.

Colour combinations for brown hair with highlights

If your highlights are chestnut hued, the ideal colours for you are pastel: pastel blue or bluish green, light lemon yellow or sky blue. Or, if your highlights have red reflections, you should go for colours like pine green, crimson or lemon yellow, among others.

 Colour combinations for brown hair with highlights

Now that you know how important it is to know the shade of your hair colour to find the perfect colour palette for you, check if you have shared this information with your Personal Shopper in your style profile, because she will love to have this detail to find the best pieces for your next Lookiero.

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