Trending accessories for spring-summer 2022

Trending accessories for spring-summer 2022

22 March, 2022

Accessories play an important role in creating a signature look. A bag or a piece of jewellery can give a new look to any of our clothes, multiplying the possibilities of our wardrobe. Here are the accessories you need to put on your list of trends for this spring-summer 2022.

The bags that are trending this spring-summer 2022

Play with sizes and fabrics: from hobo maxi bags to colourful clutch bags, there are many ways to elevate your looks. Keep yours close at hand!

1. The bucket bag

If you’ve jumped straight into this season’s retro trends (sixties, Y2K…) this is the bag for you. Its vintage look will be perfect to combine with your most cultured looks.

The bucket bag trends 2022
The bucket bag trends 2022

  • Where have you seen it
  • The bucket-shaped bags are alive and kicking this season. Brands like Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton are proof of it. Get one in leather with a short handle to follow this trend.

  • Bucket bag: how to wear it in style
  • Wear it with a plain maxi dress and add a floral pattern scarf in citrus colours to your bag. Longchamp did it in their spring-summer 2022 collection. Round off your look with heeled sandals for a stylish outfit.

2. The crochet bag

Its handmade charm goes perfectly with boho style and casual looks. When the good weather arrives, crochet visits us again: this year in a mini version.

The crochet bag spring summer trends 2022
The crochet bag spring summer trends 2022

  • Where have you seen it
  • These bags have been the favourite summer choice for years, so much so that even Loewe and Chloé have added them to their collections. This season, natural colours like beige or white will do, but you can also choose a vibrant colour like coral to make it the spotlight of your outfit.

  • How to combine your crochet bag this spring
  • A total denim look with slide sandals, multicoloured hoop earrings and a crochet bag. The perfect outfit for those days you want a hassle-free but fashionable look.

3. The XXL ‘hobo’ bag

This unstructured, crescent-shaped bag was all the rage in the 60s. So if you love looks inspired by this era, you’ve got to get your hands on one for this spring-summer.

The XXL ‘hobo’ bag
The XXL ‘hobo’ bag

  • Where have you seen it
  • This enormous bag is great to wear any time of the year. And, aside from being convenient due to how spacious it is, this bag is also a fashion statement. Go for the XXL sizes like Chanel, and you’ll see how easy to wear it is.

  • Fashion tips to wear a ‘hobo’ this season
  • Create a comfortable, laid-back look by wearing a pair of beige linen trousers, a loose mint green linen shirt and finish by choosing roman style sandals in camel colour.

4. Clutch bag

The essentials, and nothing more. This small bag, which usually has a removable strap, is perfect for keeping everything close at hand and will be your ideal companion for those events that call for more dressed up looks.

Clutch bag spring summer trend 2022
Clutch bag: how to combine it

  • Where have you seen it
  • Contrary to popular belief, clutches are a fantastic choice for daytime too. This season, you will want one in an eye-catching colour, like citrus yellow, to go with your day outfits. Dior, Lanvin and Chanel have also placed their trust in this kind of bag.

  • Clutch bag: how to combine it
  • This season is all about colourful outfits. Combine a lilac top with an aquamarine skirt, and add the finishing touch with a yellow clutch bag. Nothing screams optimism like this colour combo!

Fashion accessories to top off your spring-summer 2022 outfits

Take a look at these accessories that will enhance your most basic spring looks. With these pieces, you’ll have no trouble creating on-trend looks with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

  1. Latest trends in jewellery
  2. XXL necklaces and earrings. Maxi loops with multicoloured beads are in, and so are the necklaces with beads and pearls. Make them white or colourful, and pick the extra long ones that reach your waistline.

    Chain jewellery. Chain style necklaces are a good choice for more formal outfits. Choose the ones that match your colour harmonies and wear them with neutral tones. Elegance doesn’t have to be complicated!

  3. Trendy scarves for spring
  4. This season, you will see scarves being worn on the head or tied around the handles of bags. Get one in silk or satin and combine it with a summer maxi dress and espadrilles.

  5. Bucket hat and caps
  6. We have seen both of them throughout the last autumn-winter season. Now, you will see floral and geometric prints, both in beach dresses and other clothes.

    When it comes to caps, change the navy blue and black ones for one in pastel or vibrant colours. Wear it with dresses as well as shorts. Or, if you prefer it, just pick a beret in black or other neutral tones to go with your outfits.

  7. Sunglasses
  8. You will see a lot of variation, from the classics of the 70s to the more modern ones with coloured frames. Mix and match a pair of white framed glasses with your casual outfits to take it to the next level.

Accessories are often the difference between a normal outfit and a stunning one. We hope this article inspires you to have fun with accessories and find your own, personal style.

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Johann Richardson Draper;
29 March, 2022
Light and bright colors..I love naturals ...for style...reds/oranges/bright pinks gor warmth
Tania Lopes;
29 March, 2022
Love bold colours
Esme Render;
29 March, 2022
Love them all. Can see outfits better this way .

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