15 trends for the spring-summer 2023

15 trends for the spring-summer 2023

13 February, 2023

As every year at this time, when winter is almost over, it’s time to think about the trends for next spring/summer. Our Personal Shoppers have analysed catwalks, look books and predictions: we’re ready to reveal all the clothes we’ll be wearing in the warmer season.

The colours you will wear this 2023 spring/summer

First of all, we want to start with the trending colours: as we know, every year we see shades that come back from the previous season and new shades that become a must. If you want to update your spring/summer wardrobe, you should consider the trending colours that will bring a fresher touch to your style.

Metallic colours are trending in 2023

The metallic trend started at the end of 2022, and we’re set to see more of it in the new year. Born out of a renewed desire to party again like in the pre-pandemic era, the metallic trend is expressed in both clothing and accessories, to embellish outfits and make them unique. 2023 will be all about metallics, for sure. Gold and silver come immediately to mind, but the shiny trend is coming in all sorts of other shades, from subtle deep blues to vivid purples. The metallic trend was seen at shows such as Tory Burch, Nensi Dojka, Bottega Veneta, Paco Rabanne, Valentino, Gucci, JW Anderson, Jason Wu… and the list never ends.

Purple in all its versions

Aside from wardrobe staples being among the hottest styles, purple clothing and accessories are having a major moment, possibly even replacing “Barbiecore” pink we saw last year. We first took notice of the purple craze during New York Fashion Week, where the colour — in a variety of different shades, from light to dark, blue-tinted or kinda-pink — appeared in many collections. Later on, it continued to pop up in collections shown in London, Milan, and Paris, proving this was not just a fluke.

Pacific Ocean Blue: bring back the sea

This blue, a little more vibrant and punchier than the more classic navy, it’s perfect for spring/summer. The good thing is that it can still be mixed and matched perfectly with other items in your wardrobe, just like the other one. And what’s even better: Pacific Ocean blue is just as elegant and polished as navy blue, and many designers have chosen to use it in their collections.

Squeeze the possibilities of lime green

From the high street to the catwalks, a particular shade of green is taking over the scene. We’ve already seen one specific type of green on trend, the grassy green dye popularised by Bottega Veneta. Now, we’re ready for something brighter with the arrival of good weather: a vibrant hue that is the perfect blend of yellow and green. This shade is perfectly represented by a Pantone colour called Lime Punch, and is an ideal addition to your wardrobe because it can be mixed with any other colour, from neutrals to bold colours.

Top fabrics for your 2023 spring/summer wardrobe

Among the timeless and seasonless fabrics, we will discover a new femininity, expressed more in fabrics than in objects. This year say yes to transparencies, silk, soft fabrics and neat finishes: spring/summer 2023 is flirty and sexy.

Transparencies are welcomed

Embrace your femininity in silk

We can remember a time when silk garments were worn under dresses: they were functional, worn as an insurance policy, so that our close-fitting garments could hang properly. They were also worn under sheer garments for coverage, or as shaping garments to create a smoother look. But sometime in the 1990s, women really started to experiment with styling silk garments, especially dresses, realising that the garment could even work as an outfit on its own. Now, silk clothing, or slip dresses, are predicted to be another iconic 90’s trend making a comeback this season, along with the rest of the fashion from this era. This type of garment not only works for all seasons, thanks to layering, but also for all styles: you can embrace your femininity or contrast it with menswear, or make it casual with jeans and trainers. Definitely a must-have in your wardrobe.

The prints we will choose this 2023 spring/summer

With the arrival of a new season, and as we peruse the catwalks for inspiration for the months ahead, we can always count on a new print trend to emerge. Last year’s shows treated us to a host of new colours, textures and key pieces that we loved, but one of the most exciting things to emerge from the collections were the prints you probably already have in your wardrobe: maxi florals and stripes.

Maxi flowers for maxi style

Florals are a staple in most women’s summer fashion collections, and this 2023 was to be no different. But in line with the rest of the trends, this season will be bold, brave and energetic. Taking over after seasons of subtle cottage core looks, pulsating graphics now take the lead and bold florals have been the most adapted variant. The graphics are defined by the striking choice of shapes and colours, as well as the large scales and impressive sizing.

Stripes that work every time

From jumpers, tops to pinstriped blazers and rugby shirts, stripes are as much a part of our everyday lives as the plain white tee and are without a doubt one of the most versatile prints to wear. If last summer we were obsessed with tank tops, this year we’re adding an oversized striped shirt to layer our looks without getting too warm. And what about a striped top with a blazer? Nothing says smart-casual like this high-low look that you can complete with either a midi skirt or tailored trousers.

Trending styles for the 2023 spring/summer

The Y2K influence is still in full swing for the spring 2023 season, bringing back many garments we used to wear in the past and some styles we thought we had left behind.
The key to styling these not-so-new trends is to reimagine them and adapt them to the new era.

Utility style: a long-lasting romance

No style has been reimagined as much as utilitarian style this season. You can certainly trace its origins to the late 90s, when pop and hip-hop stars took cargo trousers out of the military zone and made them look cool. Now utility pants have taken on a chic, but still practical charm. We must also take into account the desire to add durable pieces to our wardrobe that don’t just last for one season: this is how utility can link cool with sustainability and responsible purchasing choices.

Genderless style to flow with the times

If we walk into any store, or we take a virtual stroll through Instagram and TikTok, we’ll see more than one emerging fashion trend. Maybe it’s low-rise jeans, a scarf-turned-top, cowboy boots—or maybe, it’s a nod to gender neutrality. Gone are the days when skirts implied femininity and trousers the opposite. Over is the idea that fem and masc can’t coexist. Instead, we are entering—and creating—a society in which gender is seen as a sliding scale, not a binary. With last year’s appearance on the red carpet of male celebrities wearing skirts (Brad Pitt for example) it seems clear that we’re almost ready to break down gender expectations in everyday life.

Gothic style is back

Garments you must add to your spring/summer wardrobe in 2023

Every year we read about must-haves and items to have in our closet. Luckily, what seems to be trending for next season are pieces you might already have in your wardrobe and can show off again in your outfits, as we saw in the trends for 2023.

Denim is always a yes

There’s no denying it: regardless of the season, fashion’s obsession with denim is persistent. It’s never a question of “if” you should wear this staple, but rather “how” you should wear it. For spring/summer 2023, denim is a sure presence, leading the way to a more comfortable future. Baggy, relaxed jeans are a must-have for the coming season, as seen in Kate Moss’s look in Bottega Veneta and on the Chloé runway. There’s also the big comeback of the denim maxi skirt, a wardrobe staple from the 90s that perfectly expresses the desire to be comfy but feminine at the same time.

Maxi dresses to beat the heat

Thanks to the versatility of their length, summer maxi dresses can take you from beach days to summer evenings without a second thought. You could just as easily wear the same dress to brunch with flat lace-up sandals or trainers as you could to a wedding with block heels or espadrilles. There’s a maxi dress for everyone: neutral colours for those who lean on the minimalist side, and floral and printed maxis for those who gravitate towards the feminine and flirty. In terms of silhouettes and straps, the halter top and cutout style are having their moment in the sun, and whatever your summer plans are, you need to have a maxi dress in your wardrobe.

Accessories on point this spring-summer 2023

Even if accessories are usually less subject to the new trends, there are a few styles coming back this season, let’s see which ones!

Mary Janes and flats for a never-boring style

YES, it’s official: flats and mary janes are coming back in 2023. These super feminine and girly accessories are here to elevate and make our looks more fun. Contrast is the key: wear them with jeans and play with colours. Let’s face it, they are extremely comfortable and dress up an outfit without making it look too formal. Mary Janes add a “je ne sais quoi” worthy of Alexa Chung to any look without sacrificing comfort, which is likely why they’re trending again.

Carry all your style in a maxibag

When the Jacquemus ‘Le Chiquito’ came into our lives in 2018, the craze for micro bags skyrocketed. Ever since, season after season, bags have got smaller and smaller up to the point where functionality was thrown out the window. But now, as we’re entering a new year, we hope for a life with fewer restrictions and more normality. As a result, we’re looking at bags big enough to hold both our belongings and our dreams for 2023. While a micro bag is a delightful addition to your outfit, it’s always a plus when you can actually carry everything you need in one bag. It seems all the major brands are on board with this, too, as the spring/summer runways were bursting with big bag energy.

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We can’t wait to see you wearing all these trends – which one will you love first? 15 trends for the spring-summer 2023

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