Tips and Tricks to Turn Your Look Around 180 Degrees

10 January, 2020

Whether you love to dress in the latest trends or stick to your favourite pieces all the time, you have the power to completely change your outfit by adding just a few simple details. No matter what you own, if you don’t know how to maximize the potential of your basics, your wardrobe can stop you from being your most stylish self.

Don’t miss all these super simple tricks from our Personal Shoppers to revamp these basic looks in seconds. You’ll see how a little bit of creativity goes a long way!

LOOK 1: Pop of colour!

Start the week in style and go from blah to bold! Turn basic wardrobe staples, like a black trouser and jumper, for instance, into mega stylish looks by just adding a few fun touches, check it out!

Classic, comfy and colourful!

Follow these easy tips from your Personal Shopper:

  • Something as simple as adjusting the sleeves can totally change your look
  • Three-quarter sleeves create a visual effect that makes the arm look longer, therefore, lengthening your overall silhouette. Play with textures and colours to create a contrast between the jacket and the knitwear.

  • Printed scarves are great for adding touches of colour to a look
  • Choose a print that matches the colour of the jacket, and wear the scarf around your neck loosely or knotted up. It instantly changes the feel of the outfit.

  • Get the maximum functionality and style from your handbag
  • Go for a medium-size bag in a neutral hue or in a colour that matches your bottom half. These are just the right amount of elements to enhance your facial features and not oversaturate the look.

    From basic outfit to…WOW!

    LOOK 2: Comfy style with smart layering and animal prints

    The art of layering is a much-needed style trick that instantly transforms any look and gives you tonnes of options for playing around with garments, volume and proportion. The important thing here is to keep it functional and adaptable to warmer and colder temperatures. Don’t miss how simple this is!

    Follow these easy tips from your Personal Shopper:

  • For the base layer, wear classic garments that flatter your shape
  • For example, try a basic jean that enhances your figure (forgo any decor or appliques) and wear it with a top in a neutral or dark colour.

  • The second layer could include a button-down shirt, as we show here, but leave it unbuttoned
  • Ditch the prints, as there will be too much going on.

  • For the third layer
  • Throw on a fine knit cardigan in a fun, trendy colour that matches the palette already in the outfit.

  • A pashmina with a print
  • Here, we decided to go a bit wild with the animal print, and as you can see, it should match a base colour of the outfit to keep it stylish and not have too much happening at the same time. Then, add trainers for just the right touch of casual and effortlessness.

    From basic outfit to…WOW!

    LOOK 3: The Classic Chic Mix of Colour and Texture

    It might seem that wearing a dress during winter is a complicated idea, but not if we choose the right textiles, colours and accessories. What’s more, dresses are perfect for getting you out of a style rut.

    Follow these easy tips from your Personal Shopper:

  • Knitted or delicate knit dresses are perfect because they’re warm, elegant and comfortable
  • Even better if they have long sleeves and don’t add extra bulk to your silhouette. Wear them with semi-sheer black stockings and pointed mid-heeled ankle boots to lengthen your shape and style.

  • Add a faux fur coat.
  • The styling trick here is to use a skinny belt in a contrasting colour to cinch the waist and give a trendy twist to your look.

  • Don’t be afraid to add some texture with your accessories, the croc-effect wallet is a subtle way to do it.

    From basic outfit to…WOW!

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