The Ultimate Guide to the Capsule Wardrobe for This Winter

The Ultimate Guide to the Capsule Wardrobe for This Winter

24 November, 2023

Winter is just around the corner, and the first cold spells are already being felt. Don’t get caught unprepared! It’s time to transform your wardrobe into a true temple of style, where warmth and elegance come together to highlight your silhouette.

Winter is approaching, and it’s time to prepare our wardrobes for the arrival of colder temperatures. To help you assemble your winter wardrobe, our Personal Shoppers have prepared a guide dedicated to the capsule wardrobe, tailored to every body shape. We’ve already heard about the importance of this selection of versatile pieces that can be mixed to create various looks. However, remember that each capsule wardrobe is unique and must adapt to your needs and body shape. This guide will help you understand the basic pieces for winter, tailored to your body shape.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass silhouette, where the bust and hips are perfectly balanced, aim for harmony. Opt for pieces that enhance and refine volumes, both at the top and bottom.

Your Basics

Go for a V-neck sweater that highlights your chest. Pair it with a straight coat for an elongated silhouette and slim pants for a confident look.

Trendy Pieces to Adopt

If you’re on the lookout for trends, customise these basics with a modern touch. Choose a V-neck sweater in a seasonal shade, dare to wear a printed coat, and give a sartorial touch with slim pants.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Rectangle Body Shape

For those with a rectangular silhouette, the idea is to create curves where they are not as pronounced. Focus on pieces that emphasise the waist, giving a balanced shape to your silhouette.

Your Basics

Opt for a fitted turtleneck sweater, paperbag pants emphasising your waist, and complete the look with a cropped puffer jacket for a modern style.

Trendy Pieces to Adopt

If you’re on the lookout for the latest trends, we’ve got a fitted striped jumper that’s perfect for highlighting and creating curves in the upper body. As trousers, a trendy and versatile cargo top, and on top a fur perfecto.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Triangle Body Shape

If you have a triangle silhouette, focus on highlighting the waist while minimising the hips. Opt for wide-leg pants and details on the top for a perfect balance.

Your Basics

In your capsule wardrobe, prioritise a sweater with ruffles on the top, wide-leg jeans, and a belted coat to enhance your curves.

Trendy Pieces to Adopt

Highlight the top with prints and embroideries. Choose a timeless Norwegian sweater and cream-coloured denim for chic elegance. A teddy coat adds the perfect volume to the top.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe for Diamond or Oval Body Shape

If your silhouette is more oval, highlight your legs while playing with flattering pieces for the upper body.

Your Basics

Opt for high-quality denim for a second-skin silhouette, an oversized V-neck sweater to highlight your bust, and complete the look with a short coat at the hips.

Trendy Pieces to Adopt

Transform skinny pants with waxed finishes and zip details. The sweater transforms into a long cardigan for an elongated silhouette. Add a casual touch with a checkered shirt underneath.

Get ready to defy winter with elegance and confidence. These tailored tips provide you with the essentials for a cold season filled with charm and confidence. Don’t wait for winter to catch you off guard; be ready to shine with style and elegance!

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