Ultimate Outerwear Glossary

Let’s Head Outside For Your Ultimate Outerwear Glossary

20 October, 2020

Blow the dust off your warm, winter clothes, it’s time to bring back those beloved coats, blazers and jackets you haven’t seen for months. Don’t know the difference between the three? Or how to wear them? We’re here to help you with your ultimate outerwear glossary. Let’s keep you feeling warm and looking great.

  • Blazer Jacket

    blazer jacket

    Slip into the suit jacket’s casual, informal cousin.

    Style Tips

    Choose a cut under the waist to flatter a triangular silhouette.
    Stylise your look with a flowing drape and straight-cut, or combine it with matching trousers for the total look.
    Go for padded blazers to structure your upper body.
    Give it a twist for 2020 Autumn-Winter season with oversize and padded XXL blazers.

  • Biker Jacket

    Biker Jacket

    Unleash your rock-girl chic.

    Style Tips

    Storm any event with a classic black biker jacket – just the right amount of attitude. Every wardrobe needs one.
    Show off your neck with open collars.
    Avoid padded jackets as they add too much volume.

    Give your biker chic some feminine, Autumn elegance by blending the biker with a dress and bringing out the best of both styles. Throw a trench on top to keep the cold at bay.

  • Parka

    parka waterproof coat

    Whether you know it as a Parka or an Anorak, this sporty, waterproof coat is light, warm and perfect for whatever Autumn throws your way.

    Style Tips

    Snap up a feathered oversize Anorak – they’re everywhere this season.
    Wear skinny pants to balance your upper and lower body. Whatever your silhouette.
    Dare to red. It’s this season’s trending colour and always harmonises your outfit.

    Splash some vivid colour when it comes to your Anorak and combine it with pastel pieces. Who said winter outfits can’t have colour?

  • Raincoat


    Perfect for those days when you just don’t trust the weather. These waterproof, nylon raincoats go down to your waist and adjust to your body like a windbreaker or a cape.

    Style Tips

    Combine the raincoat with dresses and high-heeled boots.
    Choose powdery colours with a black look underneath for an elegant outfit you can wear to work.
    Enhance your silhouette with adjustable drawstrings.

    Dare to mix up styles with your raincoat, it’s the new trend.

  • Bomber Jacket

    bomber jacket

    Sporty, padded and wide – the perfect description for this zipper jacket, popularised in the late ‘50s by the European Air Forces.

    Style Tips

    Bring in monochromatic jackets to avoid adding volume.
    Pair it with skirts or high-waisted skinny jeans.
    Go for thin jackets so you can use it in summer and under other pieces in winter.

  • Classic Cloth Coat
  • Classics are classic for a reason. This wool or polyester piece cuts a more masculine figure for some serious style.

    Classic Cloth Coat

    Wear it all year round with a neutral colour.
    Own the night with jeans or boss the office with a pair of stilettos, a white shirt and chinos.
    Brace winter’s worst with a thin feather vest underneath.

  • Frock Coat

    frock coat

    Originally 19th century men’s military fare, the Frock Coat’s knee-length fitted style is the perfect piece for doing battle with Autumn evenings.

    Style Tips

    Snap it closed with a belt to stylise your figure.
    Pair it with high-waisted pants if you have a petite silhouette.
    Add a touch of sophistication by simply turning your sleeves over your wrist.

  • Chanel Jacket

    chanel jacket

    The one. The only. Coco Chanel’s classic tweed is a straight-cut minimalist icon.

    Style Tips

    Match your jacket with a straight-cut dress with a small purse for a total look to give Grace Kelly a run for every penny of her money.
    Pair it with your favourite jeans and a basic or navy shirt for an air of youthful insouciance.
    Wear a smock to disguise your hips if you feel more comfortable.

  • Teddy Coat

    teddy coat


    Style Tips

    Harmonise your silhouette with a ribbed, fitted dress.
    Layer up with a turtleneck and your choice of outerwear to keep the cold out.
    Get your groove on with any look inspired from the ‘70s.

  • Classic Trench

    trench coat

    It’s as if a jacket, a coat and raincoat had a baby. In 1914, Thomas Burberry, designed a waterproof trench for soldiers. Double front buttons, crossed collar, and epaulettes on cuffs, shoulders and waist nod to its timeless military heritage.

    Style Tips

    Bring this classic up to date with silver accessories and asymmetric-hem jeans.
    Unite comfort and style with jogging bottoms and a sweater for athleisure done right.
    Build your look around the classic trench and add a few special details for something extra.

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