Unexpected Style Pairings That Look Good Together

Mismatched! Unexpected Style Pairings That Look Good Together

12 February, 2020

Just like Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson you’d never thought they would go well together, but there they are. The same applies to clothes; unexpected fashion pairings can elevate your look instantly.

With Valentine’s Day in mind, we are inspired by these unlikely pairings, and we went ahead and did our own matchmaking of unlikely textures, colours and prints to give your wardrobe a whole new twist and prove that opposites could end up being a match made in heaven!

Print Clash!

Mixing prints is a great way to create the ultimate power look (think boss lady office outfit for example). And while it may seem daunting, pulling it of is totally doable. The trick is to play with proportion and colour to strike a combination that’s as unlikely as it is stylish.

  • Polka dots + houndstooth
  • The secret is to make sure the prints are not the same size. – For example, see how spaced out the polka dots are in contrast to the houndstooth checks which are close together.
    mix houndstooth and polka dots
    mix houndstooth and polka dots

  • Zebra and Python
  • Now this is truly wild! When mixing animal prints the key is to keep it the same colour palette and match a small print with a larger one. If you’ve opted for prints on the top and bottom, throw on a piece in a solid colour so it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

  • Stripes and checks
  • It can be tricky sometimes, but it’s a great way to add a dimension, to your look. Be sure the prints are of a different scale and keep the rest as simple as possible. Another trick is to match the colours as its more likely that the prints will look good together too.


    Texture mash up

    Mixing textures in one look is an awesome way to get head-turnings. Contrasting textures adds dimension to your outfit and breathes new life into old pieces in your wardrobe.

    • Plush and waxed
    • Furry and a slick seem like an unlikely match, but they work well together.
      The soft plush against the shiny feel creates a fun and daring contrast!
      mix plush and waxed
      mix plush and waxed

    • Leather and Lace
    • A much debated but irresistible match. See here how the white feminine lace top contrasts beautifully against the rocking’ vibes of the leather jacket. It’s soft and edgy at the same time.

  • Corduroy and Denim
  • These are totally different but with they have something in common: they evoke a retro feel, which is trendy and fun. Plus it’s ideal for casual outings.


    Blocks of colour Contrast

    • Petroleum blue and camel
    • How do you wear bold colours and neutrals together? You just do! It’s the perfect antidote for those who are colour shy. Pair a bright hue with a neutral to balance out the intensity of the first colour.
      Keep in mind that most colours can be combined perfectly, the trick the dosage and shades of the colour. Don’t miss how we did it here!

      The colour of the year is a dreamy shade of vibrant blue. Ditch black for once and pair this colour it with a neutral hue like camel for a powerful contrasting effect.

    • Orange and Khaki
    • This is a fun one! If you thought orange was a challenging colour to mix, get the tonalities right and you can go anywhere!

  • Mint and dusty rose
  • Romantic and light, pastel shades go very well together. These two form very natural, fresh and elegant balance.


    Style Mix

        Eclectic style: Classic and edgy

      Can you be classic and trendy at the same time? Yes you can!
      It’s 2020, and you don’t have just stick one style or another, today you can embrace the every aspect of your personality in just one look by mixing the items that reflect who you are.
      Look at how sportswear has become super feminine pairing midi skirts and trainers. So dare to wear a classic black coat with a knit mini dress infused with shine! This will allow for the dress to feel a bit more casual while giving your coat a trendy touch.
      CLASSIC and EDGY mix style
      CLASSIC and EDGY mix style

    • Casual & Feminine
    • This look strikes the perfect balance between casual and trendy. A sexy camisole dress and a denim jacket combine the best of both worlds!

  • The Boho formal
  • The boho skirt and the sharp, classic blazer complement other perfectly as they create a neat visual balance.

    Your turn now! Unleash your creativity and let your audacity speak: mix!


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