Tell me what your foot looks like and I'll tell you what shoes you need

20 May, 2021

At Lookiero we are passionate about wearing the best shoes for our looks.

That’s why today we’re talking about your feet. We share with you our secrets to take care of them and we tell you what you should take into account when choosing the most suitable footwear for your outfits.

Shoes are a very important part of any look. Although, who hasn’t ever left aesthetics aside to prioritise comfort? Wearing appropriate and comfortable footwear for any occasion is easier when you know your feet. Are you looking to be comfortable and fashionable? Don’t fret! We are here to help!

What type of foot do I have?

Knowing the different types of feet will help you choose the most suitable materials and styles for you, hence ensuring you will be comfortable while looking stylish in your shoes!

According to the shape of your toes

This classification, although somewhat unfamiliar, will be very useful for you to learn a little more about your feet.

Egyptian toe

This is the most common type of foot, accounting for almost 60% of the population. This type owes its name to the fact that in Ancient Egypt it was considered the most beautiful type of foot. You will recognise it because the arrangement of the toes creates a visual diagonal from the big toe to the smallest toe.

If you have an Egyptian type foot, it is important to look after the first metatarsal. That is, the bone between the big toe and the instep. If it is longer than normal, you could end up developing osteoarthritis in the toe joint. If you want to be comfortable and avoid bunions, it’s better to stay away from very narrow shoes.

Greek foot

It is estimated that, nowadays, only 14% of the population has this type of foot, which was thought to be reserved for Greek deities. Its main characteristic is that the second toe is longer than the big toe. This need not be a problem, unless it is more than one centimetre longer, as this might cause some discomfort when walking.

Roman foot or square toe

You will recognise this type of foot because all the toes are about the same length. They are usually wider feet, so we’d recommend trying to avoid very narrow shoes.

According to the shape of your footprint

Observe the shape of your foot and the footprint you leave when walking. This will help you understand if you have:

Normal foot

A normal foot is one in which the weight of the foot is distributed between the forefoot, rearfoot and lateral areas.

Pes cavus

In this type of foot, the instep is high, creating a very pronounced arch and a very small footprint, which splits between the pad and the heel. If your foot looks like this, you should be aware of some potential discomfort, such as:

  • Pain in the balls of your feet
  • Pain in the heels on landing
  • Painful stiffness in the areas of greatest support
  • Claw toes (bent inwards)
  • Tendonitis
  • Difficulty when putting on shoes
  • Frequent low back pain

Flat feet

Having flat feet means that when you walk, you step with almost the entire surface of the foot at once. In this case, the arch is very small or non-existent. These are some of the discomforts you may suffer:

  • Alterations in the foot and ankle.
  • Discomfort, pain, injuries or joint, capsular, ligament or muscle dysfunction.
  • Less energetic and efficient gait.

Footwear styling solutions for the most common problems

Now that you know a little more about your foot, it’s time to implement some solutions that will help you enjoy with every step.

Best footwear for pes cavus foot

Get yourself some gel insoles, which will cushion the arch area and act as a shock absorber for your foot. You can also choose any type of shoe that gives you the extra support you need. For example, trainers or birkenstock sandals. Not only will this option not cramp your style, but it will also add an edgy touch to your look.

Best footwear for flat feet

If you have flat feet, our recommendation is to choose shoes with a medium square or wide heel to finish off your outfits, a comfortable solution to balance the lack of an arch on your foot!

Best footwear for feet with bunions

If you suffer from hallux valgus or bunions, you are not alone. It is a very common ailment. Bunions occur when the circulation in a toe does not have enough space and it goes out of the line of the foot. This causes the affected toe to point towards the other toes and causes redness and continuous or intermittent pain. It can be caused by the shape of the foot itself, an arthritis problem or the use of inappropriate footwear. To ensure your comfort and minimise it’s appearance:

  • Choose shoes made of soft materials such as fine leather, suede or textile.
  • Choose sandals that fit the shape of your foot.
  • Ensure shoes fit the width of your feet , especially at the front.
  • We recommend you say goodbye to pointy toes!

Best footwear for narrow feet

Do you have narrow feet? In this case there are two potential issues that you may be interested in solving.

One is contrasting volumes: to add volume to your feet so that they don’t stand out when compared to your legs, choose shoes with chunky soles, platforms, colours, laces or details such as buckles or horizontal cuts.
The other one is support: when the shoe is not well adequately fastened, it causes the foot to move inside the shoe, causing chafing, blisters or wounds. To avoid these problems, choose narrow shoes with fastenings, such as straps or velcro, laces or adjustable buckles.

Best footwear for swollen feet

Some women suffer from swollen feet at all times. Others suffer from this problem during pregnancy or during the warmer months. Behind this symptom, there may be hidden circulation or fluid retention problems, so we recommend you check with your GP. If your feet are swollen for any of these reasons, try to relieve them whenever you can. For this, a good alternative are minimal sandals or flip flops. Look trendy by choosing neutral tones with a small platform, and remember they should fit your foot well.

How can you take care of your feet?

As we don’t show them off for most of the year, sometimes we forget to take care of our feet as they deserve. With the good weather just around the corner, there are no excuses! Taking care of your feet can help you to enhance or balance out a look, or simply bring you extra joy when you look down – a worthy reason to pamper your toes!

How to do a basic pedicure

Take note of our tips to start taking care of your feet, stat.

  1. Start by removing any nail polish if you’re wearing any, and soaking your feet in hot water for at least 10 minutes. The hot water will soften cuticles and calluses, making them much easier to work with. Now it’s time to give the pumice stone some action! Go over the soles of your feet and the heel. Use an orangewood stick or a metal cuticle pusher to pull back the cuticles and soak your feet again.
  2. File and trim the nails. Try to keep them straight using your fingertip as a reference line. Cut the cuticles carefully and avoid pulling on them.
  3. Dry your feet with a clean towel; it’s time to choose your nail polish! When deciding on a colour, consider your upcoming looks and choose a versatile shade that goes with everything.
  4. Wait a few minutes for your nails to dry. After that, moisturise your feet with your choice of foot cream. If your feet are in need of some extra hydration, and as long as it’s been over three hours since you painted your toenails, try this trick: slather your feet in moisturiser before bed and put on some clean socks – you’ll notice the difference in the morning!

How do you choose the best nail colour?

These tips will help you to choose the best nail polish for you:

  • If you don’t want to draw attention to your feet, a nude shade is always a good choice, as it offers a natural but polished look; we encourage you to look around and invest in a shade that matches your skin tone – you’ll get a lot of wear out of it!
  • If you prefer a trendy finish, check out the seasonal colour trends
  • Bear in mind that dark shades are ideal for covering nail imperfections but could make your nails look smaller; the opposite is true of lighter shades
  • While darker shades need more maintenance, more natural shades require less touch-ups and therefore give you more leeway between pedicures
  • Now that you’ve got your feet ready, it’s time to show them off in the best shoes for your feet! Don’t forget to leave a message for your Personal Shopper including some information about your type of feet. Ask them to surprise you with their choices in your next Lookiero – it’s time to dip your toe in Lookiero’s new range of footwear!

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Summer Looks With Flat Sandals And Espadrilles

21 May, 2021
I have a size 9.5 to 10 and really struggle getting nice pretty shoes that aren’t really expensive. If the tie is rounded I can sometimes get into a nine. What size shoes do you deal with as I am thinking of trying Lookiero out. Kind Regards Louise
Lookiero Team;
25 May, 2021
Hi Louise, many thanks for your comment. Our current shoe rage goes up to size 9. We will be really happy to prepare a nice Lookiero selection for you.
pam evans;
25 May, 2021
I like modern shoes but I can’t wear very flat shoes as it affects my muscles in back of leg. Don’t wear stilletoes any more. Love ankle boots and espadrilles.
Tanya Storey;
7 June, 2021
I’m a size 6 . Footwear means a lot to my outfits and personally I like something different. I like my footwear to look like the most expensive part of my outfit actually . ( is that odd?) 😁. I have flat feet , however my footwear varies a lot . My best for comfort is winter boots , but I do like a heel also . Looking at your guide , maybe a box heel could be introduced as that would be something new for me . I love an elegant and classy sandal , but a funky ( embellished print maybe ) step pump. Happy shopping 🛍
Lookiero Team;
8 June, 2021
Hi Tanya, Many thanks for this comment! Zara will gladly choose some nice and fancy shoes for the incoming summer season!
Janice Lambert;
9 July, 2021
My foot type is Egyptian toe, and my foot shape is Pes Cavus,i am a size 5 or 5.5. I have a lot of shoes, trainers,pumps and sandles, but i don't feel happy with any of them, i can't seem to get a style i like.
Lookiero Team;
12 July, 2021
Hi Janice, Many thanks for your comment. We have added it now also to your first box so your stylist has more information about you.
pascale helleux;
14 July, 2021
je chausse du 40 pieds larges et plats

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